Marsupials vs Mammals

Richard Rivers


  • Marsupials are a sub-class of the mammal family
  • Most of its members can be found in Australia
  • Examples kangaroo, wombats, Tasmanian devils and koala.
  • These animals give birth to a live but undeveloped young which is then placed to a pouch.
  • The pouch is present in marsupials and the undeveloped young are given nourishment and further development takes place in that pouch, outside the mother’s womb.
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  • Mammals are vertebrate animals
  • They possess sweat glands to regulate heat in the body as these creatures are warm-blooded.
  • Mammals have placenta in which the undeveloped offspring is reared and is nourished
  • Usually inside the womb of the females of this class.
  • Mammals give birth to young offspring and feed with milk through the mammary glands and this feature defines the classification and difference with other animals.
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Marsupials and Mammals

  • Warm-blooded
  • Has backbone
  • Air-breathing
  • Has hair or fur
  • Give birth to young live instead of coming from an egg.
  • females produce milk for the nutrition of the young.
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