2 Different Civilzations

Inventions, Houses, Roles of Men and Women and Death


Inventions of the Mayans

The Mayans invented many things. I will tell you 4 of some things the Mayans invented. They invented calendars, roads, even math in 36B.C and even chocolate drinks using crushed coco beans!

Here is the Mayan calendar

Inventions of Ancient Greece

The Greeks also had many inventions. They made a thermometer, a vending machine, but it's not how they made it today. They made an alarm clock using pebbles and other items. Finally, they made coins. They made coins by placing a metal mass in between 2 stamps, carved with scenes that would appear on each side of the metal using an hammer. There is a lot more steps but that' s how the scenes would appear and how the coins were made.


Mayan Houses

Mayans built houses. Today I'm going to tell you some house the Mayans built and what they used. Mayans built Longhouses. They used leaves, grass, birch bark, trees, mud, sticks, and saplings. They also built Teepees. Teepees made out of stretched buffalo skin and trees. They usually built Longhouses and Teepees in the winter. They also build a Hut. They built a Hut using sticks, leaves, stone and clay.

Ancient Greece Houses

The Ancient Greece house was simple, but small. The rich people lived in a house with a slave men and women. Outside of the entrance of the rich people house was a statue of a god, Hermes the messenger. The house was made from sun-dried mud bricks. Also stone and wood. The roof was made from clay. Inside the house had 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a baby's room, slave's room, bathing room, work room, gynaikon, an andron, store room and the courtyard.
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Roles of Men and Women

The Roles of Men and Women in Ancient Greece

Have you wondered what the men and women used to do back then in Ancient Greece? Well I will tell you. Men was in charge of the family and house back then. Men was either a businessmen or farmer. Men were treated with great respect, and had the most responsibility. Men was the most important people in Ancient Greece. Now for women. Women where not allowed to do many things like men did. They were not allowed to eat or sleep in the same room with men. Or go to Olympics or marketplaces or streets of the city. But they had an important task to do. There task was to run the household items and mange the slaves.

The Roles of Men and Women in Maya.

Now for the roles of men and women in Maya. The roles of men in Maya were hunting, teaching their son how to hunt, prepare for battles and work in fields. The roles of women in Maya were prepare food, raise children, raise household animals, make clothes and craft. Some of the crafts that women made are called ceramics. They also helped men prepare for battles and pray that they will come back safely.


How Greeks Celebrated Death

Now I'm going to tell you about how Ancient Greece celebrated death. They rested the body in a grave or a family tomb. They put grave goods such as jewelry, weapons, and vessels around the body on the floor of the tomb. The place their ash in an urn. Women had to prepare the body which had to be washed. The mouth was sometimes sealed with with a token or talisman referred to as "Charon's obol" if a coin was used, and explained as payment for the ferryman of the death to convey the soul from the world of the living to the world of dead.

How Mayans Celebrated Death

The Mayans really respected the death. They believed that certain deaths were more noble than others. They believed there were different paths after death. They built idols containing ashes from the death and brought them food on festival days. The most common way of sacrifice was cutting the abdomen and taking out the heart. The dead body was rested with a maize (corn) placed in their mouth. Maize, was really important in Maya because it's a symbol of rebirth and was also food for the dead for the journey to the otherworld. Here is a picture of the God Of Death in Maya

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