Devil/Angel in Disguise

By Emma Danes


Martin Luther was one of the first people to stand up against the corrupt church. He broke off from the church and started the reformation. He created the 95 Theses. However, many people had different opinions of him. Some thought he was a saint for showing them how corrupt the church was, some thought he was a sinner for going against the church and their beliefs. So was he a Saint or a Sinner?

Stopping the Corruption of the Church -- SAINT

Martin Luther opened the eyes of the people to the corrupted church. He told them about the indulgences and how they were just so the church was gaining money and using it towards their personal needs like Pope Leo X spending all his money on parties. Luther became a popular among the people because of this.

Broke everything -- Sinner

Martin Luther broke a lot of things including the law and a community.

Law -- Luther did not obey the law. For instance he was outlawed and yet he still continued to do things against the church. He wrote books and theses against the church which was forbidden at that time.

Community -- Before Luther came along, Europe was one community all having one religion in common. Then Luther's influence came in with the reformation and Europe broke apart into many different regions. Luther created a new religion, the Protestants, and was the cause of many others including the Anabaptist's.

The 95 Theses -- BOTH!

The 95 Theses is an example of why is his both a saint and a sinner.

Saint -- The 95 theses showed people they were able to speak out against the church. He told everyone how the indulgences were wrong. He told people that the pope was overusing his power.

Sinner -- Even if a lot of good came out of the the 95 theses, a lot of bad came out as well. The 95 theses caused a lot of problems and some of the stuff Luther said hurt people. The church grew to hate Luther because of this. He was stating information against their beliefs.

Trasnlated the Bible -- Saint

Luther translated the bible into German which was a popular language of the time. This allowed all the German speakers to be able to read God's words and know when the church was doing something that they created that didn't originate from the bible.

Translated the Bible -- Sinner

Although he translated the bible and that allowed more people to read it, he also changed it. Whenever something is translated, information is lost. This could be little information like a word but it could also be something big that might have justified some of the church's "corrupt" actions. This also makes the bible less "holy" because it not the direct words of the writer.

Conclusion -- Saint or Sinner?

Luther can be categorized as either person because for almost all of his saintly actions, there is a sinfully one to go along with it. His actions look good but he had some good reasons behind them. So overall he can be a devil or an angel.

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