America Needs Farmers

Farm Crisis

Day late and a dollar short. Or a couple billion dollars short.

agriculture peaked in the mid 70's corn prices tripled wheat prices doubled, then in the 80's the federal reserve tightened and young farmers started borrowing more money and held more than 60% of the nations debt. they finally gave up and the farmers were in the hardest times they have ever faced.

Farm crises

Monday, March 21st, 11:45pm

the entire united states

it wasn't just certain kinds of farmers, it was all farmers, young old big and small.

relations to today.

it actually relates to this year, corn being at $4 barely being able to break even, cattle prices going back down hogs not doing anything and ground is still selling for $8000 an acre its impossible for a young kid to start.

We are farmer strong

cant be stopped.