Don't be someone your not.


She is a teenage girl that is crazy, funny, and wacky. She will change just for one lucky boy.

Kids pick

My favorite part of the book was wen Hillari slapped Stargirl and Stargirl just kissed her on the cheek and no one ever saw her again.

Strong verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone page 22. I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium page 22. I bolted from the truck page 22. Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arm page 22.  We raced for the field page 22. Yanking me into the stands page 22. 


Stargirl is a new girl at Mica High School. She is very different then all the others she dresses different, she acts different, she has a pet rat named Cinnemon, and she has a happy wagon when shes happy theres more and whens there not alot of pebbles in it she is not as happy. Theres a boy named Leo and him and Stargirl fall in love. Leo trys to change her to become normal. She changes at a random time and calls herself "Susan" but Leo see's that she is not happy being "Susan" because in her happy wagon theres only 3 pebbles in it. He was proud of her trying to be like others. But she changes back one day and he ignors her. Then they have a dance and Leo doesn't ask her to the dance. She leads a line for couples because she went alone and Hillari was mad. Hillari went up to her and slapped her. Then there was a silence for a minute then Stargirl kissed her on the cheek and no on ever saw her again.