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Wrapping Up 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020!

Save the Date: Pediatrics in Sports Chiropractic

We hope you will all be excited to join us in Minneapolis on May 2-3, 2020 for the first of 3 Regional Seminars.

Registration will go live in 2020, watch your email for 'early bird' info.

Pediatrics in Sports Chiropractic

Speakers and topics comings soon and include Dr. Elise Hewitt Dr. Lisa Kingsbury Goodman, and more.

Topics include:

  • Extremity Adjusting in the Pediatric Patient
  • Taping Applications in Pediatrics
  • Gait Evaluations and Orthotic Considerations in Pediatric Patients
  • Considerations for the Pre-Competitive Athlete

More information Here:

Wrap up year-end like a BOSS

As chiropractors, we typically wear many hats. Check out these tips for entrepreneurs in preparation for year-end.

"It’s time for holiday promotions, boosted sales (hopefully), and year-end preparations. If you don’t prepare for the end of the year and follow a checklist, you’ll probably find yourself burning the candle at both ends.

Coming from an experienced business owner, it’s never too early to start preparing for year-end. Get a jump start on your year-end checklist and avoid stress by learning how to wrap up your business."

1. Complete End-Of-The-Year Reviews

2. Update Your Payroll Records

3. Tidy Up Your Accounting Books

4. Review Your Business and Marketing Plans

5. Catch Up With Your Customers

6. Set Goals For The New Year

7. Do A Little Relaxing

Get a jump start on your year-end checklist and avoid stress by learning how to wrap up your business. Read More

Pediatric Webinars from LEARN ACA

Visit the Learn ACA page to access archived and upcoming pediatric webinars. Watch your newsletters for special ACA CCP discounted rates!

Your brain on GRATITUDE...

We are all generally aware of the benefits of gratitude—which include a more positive outlook on life, and even physical benefits such as a reduction in the symptoms of stress. Especially as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we make a mental note to be more grateful.

In its summary of the benefits of gratitude, Berkeley’s Great Good Science Center cites recent research showing how feeling grateful enhances functioning in regions of the brain governing social bonds, and our ability to read others. Moreover, even though we think of gratitude as an emotional state, it also enhances cognitive functioning and decision-making.

This research confirms Barbara Fredrickson’s assertion that gratitude has a “broadening” effect on how we think, and at how we look at the world. It allows us to “discard automatic responses and instead look for creative, flexible, and unpredictable new ways of thinking and acting.” When we are grateful, we are more inclined to seek support from others, to reframe challenging situations through a positive lens, and to engage in creative problem-solving.

Visit Forbes for the full article on Upstream Reciprocity

Welcome to our new & returning members!

Olivia Andries

Ms. Kimberlee R. Barnhart, DC

Angela Bapp

Mariel Almonte-Rivera

Mr Matthew Ryan Schwieterman

Chelsea M Kohutek

Scott Martinez

Manjit Kaur

Our officers are working hard to advance the field of chiropractic pediatrics.
We would like to highlight some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Increases your visibility as a doctor of chiropractic who serves the pediatric community.

  • You are placed on a Find A Chiropractor list for colleagues to use or for the public to
    find a chiropractor who treats pediatric patients, increasing your patient base.

  • Helps align yourself with other doctors of chiropractic who are like minded
    in providing pediatric care and increased networking opportunities.

  • Provides opportunities to expand your educational resources.

  • Attending an annual symposium that highlights great speakers on multiple pediatric topics.

  • Discounted registration fees on educational courses and yearly symposium.

  • A complimentary subscription to Journal of Chiropractic Medicine

  • Social media messaging and interaction with colleagues through the council’s
    Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • Helps you market to your pediatric community… and much more.

Staying Safe Through the Holiday Season


It’s the holiday season again, a time when we enjoy festive meals with family and friends, deck our halls with colorful decorations and listen to squeals of delight as our children open their brightly-wrapped presents. To help ensure your kids have fun and stay safe this holiday, here are a few tips to remember.

Hard Facts about Holiday Safety

  • In 2012, 3,270 children 19 and under were seen in emergency rooms for injuries caused by nonelectric holiday decorations, like broken ornaments.
  • In 2012, an estimated 192,000 children were treated in an emergency room for a toy-related injury.
  • That same year, an estimated 136,314 children ages 19 and under were injured due to a fire or burn.

Top Tips about Holiday Safety

  1. Make sure your tree has plenty of water by checking it regularly. Natural trees look beautiful and smell great, but if they’re not watered regularly, needles can dry out and pose a potential fire hazard.
  2. Keep lit holiday candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn, and don’t forget to blow them out when you leave the room or before you go to sleep.
  3. Consider the child’s age when purchasing a toy or game this holiday season. It’s worth a second to read the instructions to make sure the gift is just right.
  4. Keep a special eye on small pieces, including button batteries that may be included in electronic toys. While these kinds of games are great for older kids, they can pose a potential danger for younger, curious siblings.
  5. Prevent burns from hot holiday food or liquid spills, simply use the back burner of your stove and turn pot handles away from the edge.
  6. Move the ornaments that are breakable or have metal hooks towards the top of the tree. That makes room at the bottom for the ones that are safer for young kids.

Learn more about holiday safety tips to keep you and your kids safe.

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