Weekly Update

Friday, August 7th

Hello Mayfield Families,

I hope this communication finds you and your families well. It is hard to believe that we are just about one week away from the start of the new school year. This will be unlike any school year that we have ever experienced. Given this challenge, our staff is excited to welcome your children and ready to provide an engaging, encouraging, and rigorous learning experience. Last spring, we were all engaged in "emergency learning." We began remote instruction on March 16th thinking that it would end by the beginning of April. Little did we know that we would continue to talk about this in August. Overall, we learned a lot from the spring and we have changed our delivery model to deliver best practices to our students.

One important change that we made this year is transitioning from an eight period day to a four period hybrid block schedule. This change was made for our students to focus on fewer courses per day in an engaging, authentic, and encouraging learning environment. Students will be required to attend their assigned courses daily where attendance will be taken. Our staff will structure their courses in a way that allows for direct instruction, conferencing, small group and independent work, and daily assessment.

As I mentioned to my staff today, we do not have a road map that informs us how to conduct school during a pandemic. We are creating a plan that includes instructional best practices and the needs of our students and families while keeping the focus of the whole child as the center of our conversations. In the end, it has been difficult to navigate during this time of crisis, but we will continue to create opportunities for our students to thrive.

Mayfield High School Daily Schedule

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Green and White Schedule 2020-2021 School Year

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Week of August 17th - August 21st

Our students will begin transitioning back to school the week of August 17th - 21st. Students will be sent an email with a zoom address from each of their teachers. Students need to check their emails next week. Students are required to attend their academic courses on the following days:

Monday, August 17th 9th Grade

Tuesday, August 18th 9th Grade

Wednesday, August 19th 10th Grade

Thursday, August 20th 11th Grade

Friday, August 21st 12th Grade

Monday, August 24th All Grade Levels (9-12)

9th Grade Schedule (Monday, August 17th and Tuesday, August 18th)

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10th - 12th Grade Transition Schedule

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Freshmen Parent Virtual Orientation

This school year, we will be sending a video to all of our freshmen parents that will contain pertinent information that will help your 9th grade children to transition into the high school. This video will be sent to all parents on Tuesday, August 18th. Additionally, we will hold a Q/A session for 9th grade parents on Thursday, August 13th (8AM-10AM) and Friday, August 14th (11AM-1PM). If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Brian Linn, Assistant Principal (Last Names (A-L)) blinn@mayfield schools.org or Mrs. Jane Perry, Assistant Principal (Last Names (M-Z)) jperry@mayfieldschools.org

Open House

This year, we will be holding a virtual open house on Thursday, August 27th. This will be an opportunity for you to meet your child's teachers, learn about the structure of each course, and ask questions. More information will be released soon.

Food Service

Food Service Request Process:

For the 20-21 school year Mayfield Schools will be utilizing the School Store within Infinite Campus to make your lunch requests. The meal(s) will be requested and you will not be charged to your Food Services account until the meal is delivered.

School Store Information Video

School Store Information Document

-The Infinite Campus School Store will allow parents/students to request meals via the parent and student apps.

-When learning remotely meals will be delivered to the home or a community drop-off location. If home delivery is not desired due to students being at a sitter’s home, meals can be picked up on delivery days (Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) at Mayfield High School or Mayfield Middle School.

-When learning is in person (in the school buildings), meals will be delivered to students in the building or a central location within the building.

-Families participating in the Free and Reduced Meal Program will also need to request a meal through the School Store in both the remote and in person learning models. The Food Services account will be charged appropriately upon delivery.

-At a glance menu will be provided on the district website during in person learning. https://mayfieldfoodservice.com/index.php?sid=1561050133104&page=menus

-Meals must be requested 48 hours prior to delivery. PLEASE ORDER for 1st delivery by noon Thurs Aug 13th.

-Meals can be requested up to a week in advance.

-When learning remotely, meals will be able to be requested for Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday, and Thurs./ Friday. One meal will be provided on Monday. Two meals will be provided on Tuesday’s (Tues. and Wed.) and Thursday’s (Thurs. and Friday)

Delivery/Pick-up Day




Lunch Requested




-When learning in-person meals will be able to be requested for each day of the week.

-The menu and delivery process might be altered as the conditions change during this unprecedented time.

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