Jan van Eyck

by Clara Richards

About the artist

Jan van Eyck was born in Maaseik around 1390. He spent most of his live in the Southern Netherlands but not a lot is known about his life. the first job record there are of him as a fully mastered painter. Him and his two brothers were all painters and after one died he spent time on finishing all of his unfinished paintings. Jan van Eyck did mainly paintings but did drawings as well. Some paintings he did were "Madonna in the church" and his portrait of Jan de Leeuw. Through his life he had a couple patrons including john of bavaria-straunig and Philip the good, Duke of Burgundy

Madonna in the Church

"Madonna in the Church" is a religious oil painting done by Jan van Eyck around 1439 located in Gemaldegalerie, Berlin. It is a picture of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus inside a church. something i found interesting about this piece of art is that facet the the Virgin Mary is strangely large compared to her surroundings. All of the intricate design and detail really make this painting fun to look at.

A large aspect of this piece of art is naturalism. You can see naturalism in the details of the architecture, the light, on the floor, and on the Virgin Mary herself. Another "ism" in the painting is perspectivism. You can see perspectivism in the walls that go farther back using linear perspective. Classicism also has a part in this painting with all of the symmetrical architecture

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