digital photography

its about digital photography and taking pictures digitally

new info

  1. while anyone can take snapshots, the makings of a good photographer are in its originality or what it reviles about a specific moment in time.
  2. A great photographer develops an intense curiosity about his/her subject and pursuers it over tine to fully express him-/herself.
  3. photography seems like a really fun job.
  4. i love to take pictures and even if they are bad i still edit them and post them somewhere.
  5. you can take pictures anywhere and they mostly look great
  6. while social networks such as myspace might seem like a good place to display photos they are of lesser value for serious photographers.

3 most important facts in the book

  1. Doing free work will look good on a resume
  2. while the best way to learn good composition is by examining the pros,you can apply basic principles, like the rule of thirds to improve your image.
  3. the most important areas in a picture is when the lines intersect.

quotes/statements and significance

quote: "you don't take a photo, you make it."

significance: Full awareness of what makes a good photo is essential in taking great photographs.

book rating

i give this book 4 and a half stars because i love to take pictures and i learned so much more then you would ever think that i would because after i read i take it all in and most of the time i write something about it and then it helps me do all of the stuff for my BDR.

what i learned from the book?

i learned that doing free work will look good on a resume. photography has grown to competition for jabs has increased too. digital photography relies a lot on software.if you are accomplished and confident that you can perform. learning digital photography is a worthwhile pursuit. give yoursself time to master it.
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