News At The Creek

September 25


Stronger Together

You survived parent conference week! Parents were impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of their children's progress. A parent commented on what a great job our staff does at making our large school feel like a small, supportive family. Take some time for yourselves this weekend and get some rest!

Fun Run

Important dates to remember for next week:

Monday, September 18 - Monday October 5

Fun Run Donation Collection and Prize Delivery

Friday, October 2

Fun Run

9:15 5th Grade

10:10 1st Grade

11:15 Kindergarten

12:15 2nd Grade

1:10 4th Grade

2:05 3rd Grade

Supervision of Students - IMPORTANT

Please make sure you are supervising students at all times. This is a professional responsibility. We have found entire classes without an adult present. You can lose your teaching license for this. I cannot stress this enough. If needed, please have a neighboring teacher watch your class or buzz for assistance.

Staff Breakfast

The school pays to have grits, oatmeal, and coffee for the staff to have for breakfast each day. If, on occasion, you would like to treat your child with a serving of grits or oatmeal, please make sure a staff member is getting the breakfast. Staff children should not be serving themselves breakfast from the teacher bar. Thank you for your help with this.

Cell Phone Use

Please help us reinforce no cell phone use in the car rider line. This is for the safety of our staff and students. In addition, cell phones should not be used while on duty or during instruction unless it is a part of the lesson. Staff should not be walking down the hallways or be using cell phones while supervising students.

Safety & Security

Duncan Creek has done a fantastic job in maintaining a safe building for our students. Please continue to be vigilant in this. Outside doors should not be opened for visitors or parents an any time. The front doors to the school are locked at 4:30. Please do not let parents or students into the building unless you have set up an appointment to meet them.

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat in their mailboxes. Email PEGGE SAVAGE with your answer.

What is most efficient at waking you up in the morning?

A. apple

B. caffeine

C. water

D. cucumber


From: Patti


Thank you to all for a smooth CogAT administration, Iowa is the next big standardized test, and will be here in October. Special Ed, look for reports on what is currently showing on your case load for accommodations to be in your box soon. Start checking now so we don't have to do last minute changes.

District Assessment window is opening next week. Remember, you have more flexibility in how you administer these tests now. Your grade chairs are working with you to schedule lab times, but I also encourage you to seek out additional lab times and to use those new classroom computers!


Is now up and running! I am pretty sure I have talked to individual teacher who are the teacher of record for their student. Please see me though if you have any questions about your students.

Gradebook & Report Cards

Below are the Report Card dates for the 1st nine weeks...

10-12-15 Teachers finalize grades by 9pm

10-14-15 Verify grades and make changes by 9pm

10-15-15 Report Cards Printed

10-16-15 Report Cards go home


1) For the first quarter, district interim assessments are required for 1st-5th in ELA and Math. 3rd-5th also are required to take Social Studies and Science.

2) Gradebooks need to be setup to align with procedure P.IHA. In 1st - 5th where interim assessments are given, classroom assessments should be weighted at 50%, summative assessments should be weighted at 49%, and Interim/Mid-Year/End of Year assessments should be weighted 1%.


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Christy Armstrong - 9/29

Jennifer Chandler 9/30

Debbie Larson - 10/1