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How was your weekend?

Follow-up is the KEY!

Well, how did it go? If your event was this weekend I would love it if you would reply to this newsletter and share the details! What was your favorite part? What will you change for next time? Any sales? Any booking? I am looking forward to hearing from you!

It's time for follow-up! The end of the month is just one day away and there are credits to be earned, incentives to be won and Pop-Ups to be confirmed. Follow-up is one of the most important parts of your event. Our merchandisers typically set a goal of 3 additional orders and 1 additional pop-up from Follow-up. How can you do it? Try these tips:

  1. Gather your Wish Lists - If your guests completed Wish Lists are your event grab them now and follow up with each person. A lengthy wish list means that they would be a great candidate to host a pop-up. "Hi Sara, I was looking over your wish list and thought I should reach out. Did you know that you would need only 10 guests to attend a pop-up to get all of this for free?" (do the math based on the list and average $100 per guest)

  2. Contact everyone who couldn't attend - Letting them know they were missed and giving a quick recap is a great way to encourage them to still order either with you or in your online boutique. "Mary, we missed your smiling face Friday night, sorry you couldn't attend. I wanted to share our top 5 sellers from the event and my recipe for the sangria that was a hit with our friends! I would still love your feedback about the new C+I collection and am happy to help you place and order today for your favorites."

  3. Contact everyone who did attend but didn't purchase - There are many reasons that someone might not purchase at your event - usually it's a financial decision. If your guest(s) didn't buy but had great things to say about your business & the jewelry she might be a great candidate to host and get her favorites for free. You could even offer to hold her event in your own home and cover the expense of refreshments + snacks if $ is an issue. "Jane, it was so fun getting together Saturday. Thank you so much for your feedback about the jewelry. I was thinking today that I really want to try offering my home for events like this with a couple of select hostesses. Would you be interested in hosting a pop-up here and receiving all of the hostess credits for free jewelry? I will take care of the food + clean-up and you can just gather your friends and have some fun!"

Want to Talk?

I have openings this week for one-on-one coaching on follow-up (if your event has already happened) or prep (if your event is this weekend).

We have been an very active group and I've hopefully been able to connect with each of you to your expectation. Some of you have had said that you are all set and ready to move forward independently and others would like to continue to talk this week.

Can I get a quick update from you by replying to this email? Please let me know if you would like to (or are waiting to) talk to me this week. I want to make sure I am connecting with everyone who needs to chat and we have a pretty large roster. ;) I've done my best to keep up with everyone's date changes, requests and questions but want to make sure that any of you are not getting "lost in the shuffle". Looking forward to hearing from you!