The Green Revolution

It's something big!

The Green Revolution!

The Green Revolution is only the most helpful events throughout history. It has helped many countries throughout the world with many things. One thing that The Green Revolution has helped with the most is famine.

So what did The Green Revolution do?

It increased agriculture production throughout the world. The idea, created by Norman Borlaug Father of The Green Revolution, was to save more than a billion people from starving.

So how was it so helpful?

The Green Revolution wasn't just helpful it was lifesaving. The Green Revolution helped produce crops fast in large amounts. So, it helped earn money for countries all around the world and helped to promote their agriculture.

But that's not it, The Green Revolution helped by preventing countries to have as much famine as they previously had.

Where did this happen?

India is a good example of The Green Revolution. India has produced many crops by The Green Revolution which has helped them to decrease their starvation.

Because of The Green Revolution, India has more money to help economically and politically, i.e. paying loans off.