Computing History - it's Creators

Tim Burners-Lee and Alan Turing

Tim Burners-Lee (8 June 1955 - Now!)

Tim Burners-Lee's creation has influenced many things which we do in our everyday lives. He went to Sheen Mount Primary School and later went on to Oxford University, after which he created the World Wide Web. His invention, the World Wide Web, could have, alone, earnt him millions but he decided to give it out to the public for free. The WWW is a collection of web pages which we can search on and find information on, it was invented in 1991 and was developed into what we know today within a few years. For this invention he was accepted into Knighthood as the world appreciated his amazing creation. He also invented a variety of other things for the Computer.

Alan Turing (23 June 1912 - 7 June 1954)

Alan Turing helped out with many things in World War II as he created decoding devices (such as bombe) and helped decipher enemy messages. His greatest creation was, essentially, the basic modern computer, which allowed you to ask a machine questions and it would give the correct answers. He workied in many places in his life including the National Physical Laboratory and Manchester University. Sadly, as being gay used to be illegal in the UK, he was persicuted for this "offense" despite all the amazing things he had done in the war and the increadible inventions of his. So he was chemical casterated and died of Cyanide Poisining, which was believed to be suicide near the time of his 42nd birthday.