The mouse maze

By: Ayden Stander

The Mouse Maze

The Mouse Maze

Once their was a mouse doing his chores and then he saw tons of mice out side of his window. He was wondering what was going on so he went down stairs then out side to see what was going on. Then some mouse got up on a stage and announced this "Laity's and Gentlemen we are now announcing a giant mouse maze who ever can beat it in less than 20 minutes will get a grand prize is 1,000$ " Every one there was whispering. He said "any one do you want to try to do the maze?" No one answered. Then after about 10 seconds I screamed I will then, every one gasped. "are you sure little fellow" I am certain "ok then" Well guys I can beat this no problem this is going to be so easy to do I can probably even have a little break while am in there.

It is time to start I slowly walked into the maze smiling saying this is going to be easy. I'm 10 minutes into the maze. I wanted to take a break so I laid down and fell asleep then a big buzzer went off "BRING BRING" I woke in a instant only five minutes left said the announcer I jumped up and was running I can do this. I was lost I was scared but I didn't want to scream for help because I said it was going to be very easy "BRING BRING" 60 seconds left I was about to scream for help but then I was sprinting I heard something behind me and I looked behind me !SMACK!! I ran into a wall I banged my head and it hurt rally bad. I was got up and ran again. I was lost "THATS TIME" what I could hear people laughing very hard. I screamed for help I could hear them laughing harder now a mouse was sent to find me I walked out with people laughing and pointing at me. I ran home as fast as I could.

The moral of this story

Don't brag of something you cant do
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