Road to Revolution

By Zodiac Smithwick and Isaiah Torrez

Most Important to Least Important

#1 Anahuac II- The taxes were to high and people thought this was unfair. In 1835 General Martin Perfecto de Cos, Santa Anna's brother-in-law and commander of the Mexicans forces Coahuila.

#2 The Consultation- August 8th 1835 in the Washington-on the Brazos river colonists and empressorios fought over the distribution of land. There were two sides The Peace Party, the people who didn't want to fight, and the War Party the ones who did.

#3 Austin's Trip- When Austin arrived in Mexico City the government was disorganized. He soon got arrested for encouraging the Texans to set a government up.
He was in Mexico City for 2 years, but eventually he got lawyers to help mexico City.

#4 The Mier y Teran Report- April 6th 1830 the Mexican government made a decree to block all immigration and all empresario contracts that were not yet in Texas were cancelled.

#5 Anahuac- May 1832 a man named Davis Bradburn imprisoned two lawyers.

#6 Velasco- June 26, 1832 Austin could not pass because he had a cannon and ended up battling with Mexican troops.

#7 Conventions of 1832-1833- Texas wished to reunite with Santa Anna and it would be a separate state, immigration would be allowed, improved education, and better protection from attacks.

#8 The Fredonain Revolt- December 16, 1826 in Nacogdoches Haden and Benjamin were forcing settlers to show them their residential papers.