School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.


2017 Bond Refunding Opportunities

A presentation was shared that was put together by District Director of Business Administration John Vignone along with Scott Shearer of Public Financial Management, Jens Damgaard from Rhoads & Sinon, and Ken Phillips of RBC Capital Markets. The team reviewed a plan to capitalize on bond refunding opportunities in the near future. Assuming current market interest rates, the refunding of 2009 and 2012 Bonds is expected to save the District approximately $1,050,000 over multiple years. Click here to review the financial analysis.

Business Meeting

The School Board gave several reports noting that LCTI has hired a new chef named Brock Cahoon and LCCC is receiving the Chamber's Milestone Achievement Award.

When approving accounts payables, two Board members Rob Cohen and Lisa Roth, declined approval for payments to the cyber charter schools in an effort to emphasize their disgust in paying underachieving cyber schools. In the last meeting, Mr. Robert Cohen voted against paying the cyber charter school bills citing the fact that of the 70 cyber charter schools that exist in Pennsylvania, not one has earned a passing School Performance Profile score from the state. He said that the system is forcing taxpayer dollars to fund schools that are not working and that he would not be a part of it. Legislation has been pending for some time to address these state-wide concerns, but for now, legally, the District is mandated to make monthly payments.


The Board made several comments about recent events. Many commented on the wonderful Homecoming festivities that were arranged for the entire week by Student Council and members of the PHS Administrative and teaching staff. It was noted that many students came together in support of Angel 34 and Pediatric Cancer Research which was so nice to witness. Board members enjoyed judging the floats that were made on Friday before the game.

Several board members saw the fall play which they noted was outstanding and that the students worked really hard to make it a success. Lisa Roth attended the Parkland Foundation's Art Gallery Celebration at the Administration Center and thoroughly enjoyed speaking with families of children who had artwork on display and were super thankful for the District's support of the arts. The Board also commented that they enjoyed attending a wonderful Bus Driver Safety Banquet and was glad to see so many board members in attendance to celebrate those who transport our students.

Rob Cohen thanked the many administrators who were in attendance and stated that he appreciated their presence.

NEXT MEETING: October 25, 2016 at 7 PM