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Pie Color

On, you can create colorful and creative pie charts. This would be a great resource for students to research/ find results to an experiment and then create their own pie chart. By taking experiments further into creating pie charts, students feel that their work is valued.

Glitch Scape allows you to create music by drawling shapes on a grid. This could be a useful resource when learning to plot shapes or graph. Students could create songs based on drawing particular shades.

Picture Book Maker, is a site where you can create free picture books. This resource is really easy to navigate and could really bring out the creative juices in a writing project. I think this would be a perfect way for students to get engaged with technology while completing a writing assignment.

This is an example of the picture book that I started working on from the site!

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50 States is a great resource website for a geography lesson. It is a easy to navigate site with a list of the 50 states. Each state has a tremendous amount of information, everything you could need to know about that particular state. Students could use this site for a research project and know that they have a reliable source!

Smithsonian American Art Museum had many different resources on the page. I really enjoyed the "National Art Inventories" section. You can actually search any piece of art by artist or title and get specific information on it, down the the description, size, and subject. I love this resource, I think it would be cool to have students create their own art museum with this collection and explain why they selected the certain pieces.

Bomomo is a fun resource that allows you to create virtual art. I would like to see students use this site to create a work of art and then write in their journals about what they made/why. You could do a lot of different things with this site.

Shape Collage is a site where you can create digital collages for free. You can upload pictures and even create the design and layout for the collage and images. This would be great for a project or another writing/journal project.

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Music Theory App is an app where you can use different virtual music instruments to record and make music. This would be great in a music education classroom, students could try out all different instruments for a really affordable cost.

Voices in the Dark is a site where audio books and stories are read aloud by real people for free. You can download any of the files and you have the voice file! This would be great to use in the classroom while reading a book, or you could tell students about the site to help with reading outside of the class.

Grapholite is a site used for creating a number of different digital graphs. This resource would be great for students to use for a project or experiement. I like that it is virtual, because students will still learn how to use and manipulate graphs but you won't have to take the time to draw them in class!

Cool Math 4 Kids is a great site with many different math resources for students and teachers. There are a ton of great educational games that can really engage students!

Elementary Ed Tech - iPads I found this site on Pinterest. There are a ton of great ideas on how to use technology in the classroom and managing/organizing it. They have some unique ideas that I would like to try out.

103 interesting ways to use an iPad in the classroom. This is a GoogleDoc presentation of a ton of great ways to use an iPad in the classroom. You can scroll through the slides to find some awesome information!

Ed Puzzle

I created a video on fractions. I think this resource is great to create quizzes for students. You could create a virtual lesson plan, and ensure that students are following along with the assignments through the quizzes. This resource would be perfect to use when you plan to have a substitute will know exactly what is being taught that day!

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