The Olympics

By: Caitlin Voos

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Why is the Olympics important?

The Olympics were important because, it honored the God Zeus it also was a religious festival.

How did the Olympic Games contribute to society?

The Olympic games contributed to society because sometimes it was a funeral ritual.

Fun Facts 😜

#1 - The Olympics were held 4 years

#2 - At first the Games only had 210 dash.

#3 - Later on the Games included longer runs, wrestling, javelin, and jumping.

#4 - In 393CE, the roman emperor Theodosius 1 banned the games until revived in 1896 at the Athens.

#5 - The competition was open to free Greek men, and they could only come from city-states to compete.

#6 - After Rome Greece in the 140s BCE the Games lost the realigious significance.