Meir Ezra: Founder of Securant

Person Details

He is a husband to a beautiful wife for 25 years and a father to three amazing children.

He is an entrepreneur with years of experience across many fields.

He is currently the owner of a few high tech companies including -

Securant Inc: The world's leading anti-fraud fuelling system, and,

TimeMaker Leadership Software: The most advanced management software on the market - combining every aspect needed in running a company efficiently and effectively.

He is an expert public speaker on subjects ranging from management technology to how to be a better parent.

He is an inventor with many patents registered to my name.

He believes the reason people don't achieve their goals is mainly due to a lack of ability to plan. As a result, they don't execute the steps needed to achieve their dreams. He KNOWS he has the ways to help ANYONE overcome this barrier.

Specialties:Management Technology, TimeMaker Leadership Software, Anti-Fraud Fuelling Systems, Microsoft Office, Planning and Organization.