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Message from Superintendent Robbie Owen

Message from the Superintendent – May 15, 2015
Official 2015-2016 BCBE Calendar

This is the newly approved calendar option for the 2015-2016 school year. The first calendar to be approved was determined not a good fit for the business of Baldwin County. This is the option that has been approved since the second vote took place.

18th Annual Professional Rodeo Benifitng the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation

Thursday, Aug. 6th, 5pm to Saturday, Aug. 8th, 9pm

113 East Rosetta Avenue

Foley, AL

The Foundation’s primary fundraiser is the Annual Professional Rodeo, an award-winning Professional Cowboy Association event. The rodeo is held over a three-day period in an outdoor area, rain or shine, in August and attracts thousands of fans who cheer on professional cowboys and cowgirls from across the South. All proceeds from the 2015 rodeo benefit the Peer Helper Programs in Baldwin County Schools.
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COMING SUMMER 2015: Clever: "Single Sign-on" Solution for passwords!

Baldwin County Public Schools will start using “Clever” as the single sign on solution for teachers and students. Beginning July 6, 2015, teachers will be able to sign into Clever and then choose the desired application. They will be automatically signed/logged in to that site. Sites such as Discovery Education, Moodle, Google Drive, and others can be expected to be added to the site. This way teachers and students do not have to remember all those passwords! What a Clever idea!

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Snap Codes for 2015 School Registration

Everyone must complete the online registration process to be officially registered for the upcoming school year. Snap Codes will be mailed home from the central office in order to successfully complete the online registration process. Payment of any expenses can now be paid through online e.payments, but it is not required to complete online registration. Please contact the school office at (251) 626-2845 should you have any questions.

Incredible Summer Reading Resources

Every summer, students are encouraged to read books to keep up their reading abilities and knowledge. Baldwin Board of Education has provided the link above for students and parents. “Summer Learning Challenge” offers tools and links to free websites that can help parents find just the right level books for their child to read over the summer. Students are encouraged to “pledge to read” starting May 1st. Please enjoy this link that has been provided for the use of all parents and students.

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School News

NJHS Inductees for the 2015-2016 School Year

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 NJHS Inductees. These students will serve as NJHS members during their 8th grade year at Daphne Middle School. The members are as follows: Gillian Ayres, Hamilton Baker, Laurel Barker, Sydney Bedsole, Zoey Bembry, Bella Bowman, Samuel Bowman, Matthew Boxx, Matthew Brooks, Max Brown, Lauren Brown, Madelyn Byrne, Madison Calkins, Jake Cannon, Kennedy Costantini, Travis Cruise, Madison Dixon, Caleb Dyche, James Entrekin, Darina Gerard, Riana Goff, Mamie Hammond, Audra Holton, Chapel Hurst, Alexis Kendrick, Mitchell Koser, Mason LaCoste, Matthew Ladnier, Emily Lambert, Antonio Li, Coleman Liles, Alexis Litteken, Katherine McKee, Jassmine Morrison, Nicole Nelson, Davis Oliver, Kennedy Payne, Karsen Pierce, Taylor Phillips, Holden Pope, Faith Pyritz, Grant Roberts, Ethan Rowe, Anna Rowell, Ansley Salmon, Jordan Sampson, Joseph Sandefur, Trey Sheils, Chloe Theriot, Aleah Thomas, Hayley Thompson, Anna Turner, Ty Turner, Spencer Ward, Savannah Weed, Holly Yazdi, and Lillie Yazdi.

Future Peer Helpers

Congratulations to the students that were chosen to be Peer Helpers for the 2015-2016 academic school year. The seventh grade students accepted were: Gillian Ayres, Laurel Barker, Sydney Bedsole, Bella Bowman, Max Brown, Madison Calkins, Delaney Clark, Kayla Covington, Tyndal Godwin, Kaley Jones, Lauren Jones, Emily Lambert, Reese Liggett, Joseph Marshall, Preston Milroy, Maddie Naquin, Nicole Nelson, Anna Claire Nolfe, Jordan Sampson, Trey Sheils, Shelby Stewart, Chloe Theriot, Anna Turner, Savannah Weed, Brandon Werner, and Dylan Wilson. The sixth grade students that were accepted were: Luke Arnold, Trent Battle, Bailey Brookins,Jordan Casey, Brie Clark, Sarah Clemmons,Mikala Cornett, Maddie Gardner, Grace Gelarden, Sasha Gibbs, Lauren Hayes, Miles Jenkins, Jerrett Lemieux, Erin Lassere,Reece Miles, Marissa Marino, Allie Martin, Ashlyn Montee, Bayli Moran, Camden Nix, Anna Peeples, Gabriela Salas, Kamiya Watson, Mary Helen Weatherby, There were over one hundred applicants and only fifty available positions. The competition was fierce, and we are excited to see what the Peer Helpers will bring for the 2015-2016 school year!

Summer Assignments

9th Grade Summer Reading: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

In this landmark work of history, the National Book Award—winning author of American Sphinx explores how a group of greatly gifted but deeply flawed individuals–Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, and Madison–confronted the overwhelming challenges before them to set the course for our nation.

The United States was more a fragile hope than a reality in 1790. During the decade that followed, the Founding Fathers–re-examined here as Founding Brothers–combined the ideals of the Declaration of Independence with the content of the Constitution to create the practical workings of our government. Through an analysis of six fascinating episodes–Hamilton and Burr’s deadly duel, Washington’s precedent-setting Farewell Address, Adams’ administration and political partnership with his wife, the debate about where to place the capital, Franklin’s attempt to force Congress to confront the issue of slavery and Madison’s attempts to block him, and Jefferson and Adams’ famous correspondence–Founding Brothers brings to life the vital issues and personalities from the most important decade in our nation’s history.