Animal Behavior

By: Paige R.

Animal Behavior Story

Have you ever wondered what you have in common with tigers, or turtles? Have you ever heard of a Ivory Colored Woodpecker, or a Chinese Giant Salamander? I am here to tell you all about these amazing animals that you should know every bit about! I hope that you learn many things about these amazing animals that we share our home with.

First I’m going to tell you how animals use tools. You might not know this, but you use tools everyday without even realizing it! You use tools when you, use a pencil, open a can, or even cut something with scissors. A tool is anything that makes your life easier.

The first animal I’m going to talk about is chimpanzees. Chimpanzees learned how to use tools a long time ago without human help. One of the tools are stone hammers found at a chimp settlement in the Ivory coast 4,300 years ago. They can make spears. We are closely related to them.

Now I’m going to tell you how dolphins and sea otters use tools. Sea otters use stones as hammers to get shells off of the rocks, and then break them open with the stone hammers for food. Dolphins in the bay, Australia, carried marine sponges in their beaks to stir ocean bottom sand and uncover pray.

Have you ever heard of Christian the lion. It is an amazing story about how this European lion finds his wild home. Here is a little preview on the book, and movie:

This lion is a 5th generation of lions kept in captivity, and he was ready to break that streak. It was 2 Australian guys that went to London to find adventure bought him for 250 guineas. He was taken away from his parent with his siblings at a critical age, and they had no survival skills, because of that. In 1969 London was an exotic place where you could purchase a lion. They kept him in an apartment. When he got too big they talked to a man that could take him to Africa, and get him ready for the wild. Christian went with them to Africa, and lived a new life as an African lion.

You have probably never heard of this, but now I’m going to tell you about symbiotic relationships. That is where two animals spend a period of time together helping each other even though they are totally different species. This usually happens with water animals. An example is a eneminey and a clownfish.

This is how they help them: Clownfish help enemies, because they get them food. They eat like other fish in the ocean. The enemy helps the clown fish by giving them protection. Clown fish have different skin-scales, so then the enemy's sting does not affect them.

Now I am going to tell you what you have in common with a chimpanzee! Octopuses make houses out of coconuts, and then when they want to move they just move the coconuts with them. Octopuses have houses just like you! Monkeys can do math just like you. Certain animals can mimic human speech. For an example: “Hello” or “Bye”. They can also make facial expressions. For an example: Rats can make faces when something hurts.

You probably know about this problem. It is endangered animals. People are hunting them for furs and skin, and we are taking their habitat. I’ll tell you about the top ten most endangered animals. 1) The Ivory colored woodpecker 2)Amur Leopard There is less than 40 of them left in the world. 3)Javan Rhino (No more than 60) 4)Northern Sportive Lemur 5) Northern Right Whale 6) Western Lowland Gorilla (They are low in numbers from hunting) 7) Leatherback sea turtle (They’re number is going down at an alarming rate) 8) Siberian Tiger (They weigh 660 lb) 9) Chinese giant salamander (Humans eat them) 10) The Little Dodo bird (they are almost extinct like the big Dodo bird)

You should know that they are close to extinction. If they are gone they could never come back. Think about it, a tiger could be know as good as a dinosaur. Don’t worry though we can still save them, but we need everyone to help. You can help by: 1) getting people to stop cutting down habitats. 2) Making sure that nobody hunts them.

I hope that you learned a little about these amazing animals, and how we can protect them in different ways. I hope that you realize how important it is to keep these animals protected when they are in this little of numbers. You should know how animals work together, and live together like we do every day.


Christian the Lion- Reunion!

This is the reunion of Christian the lion

Pistol Shrimp and Goby pair

The pistol shrimp and the goby fish symbyotic relationship

The almost blind pistol shrimp makes the house that they both stay in while the goby fish protects the pistol shrimp. It warns the shrimp when there is danger.
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The Ivory Colored wood pecker

The Ivory Colored wood pecker is the most endangered animal in the world, and might be extinct. Scientists might pay you $10,000 if you lead them to one of their nests. They might pay you $50,000 dollars if you lead them to a live Ivory colored wood pecker. They were know to live in Arkansas and Florida in the 1940s.
Koko: A Talking Gorilla [6/8]

This is Koko the gorilla talking to the person.

Sea Otter Using a Rock to Open Clams

This sea otter is using a rock to open a clam shell

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