Constructive Forces

By Xavier and Mekhi


Deposition is the dropping of sediment or particles by water, wind, or ice. Sediment is picked up in one place and is carried along and then dropped along somewhere else.


A delta is the deposit of sediment that builds up at a river's mouth. During floods, rivers spread overland and around them.


Rivers deposit sediment outside their banks to form floodplains.

Longshore Current

A longshore current is a current that moves parallel to the shore. Waves wash sediment that turn into beaches.


A sandune is a mound of sand piled up by wind. Dunes also form along some sea coasts.


A glacier is a huge sheet of slowly moving ice. Glaciers thousands of feet thick covered much of North America. Glaciers scrape sediment and rock from the ground.


A moraine is a ridge of sediment and rock left behind when a glacier melts.


A drumlin is a long, oval shaped mound of soil and rock formed from glacial deposits.