Baby Blog!

Online documentation of your baby!

D1. Guiding Children's Behaviour: demonstrates

During this course you will have the opportunity to take home a baby. To ensure that your baby is properly taken care of, you will document your experience. You have the choice to make a BLOG or VLOG and it must be submitted to Google Classroom 24 hours after you return the baby. You must include the following in your Vlog/Blog:

  • Name of baby and gender
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Clothing (ensure you dress the baby according to the weather)
  • What's in your diaper bag
  • When your baby was active
  • Public reaction to your baby
  • Must be done daily
  • Images of you and the baby
  • Personal stories
  • Thoughts about having the baby
  • Restrictions you may have
  • Be HONEST and appropriate


Below are some sample VLOGS for you to get ideas from!
Therese's baby think it over project
Joan's Baby think it over project 2014
RealCare Baby Project - EMMETT