Juniors visit 2nd Grade!

May 15, 2013

Singing and Dancing to Learn Phonics

The second graders showed the Juniors how they learning phonics by dancing! They get out of their seats, move to the beat, and sing the chants. Then they taught the Juniors a special chant to be a King. Be sure to ask your Junior what letters make the "ing" sound. They can show you their fun dance.

The Estimation Station...

The Juniors visited Mrs. Klein's second grade classroom and learned about the job of being a second grade teacher and what it was like to be a second grade student. Each week, one second grade friend brings in small items in a jar for their friends to practice their estimating skills. Juniors and Second Graders worked together to determine how many coins were in the guessing jar for this week.

Collaborating to Create a Story!

One of the second grader's favorite writing websites is: Storybird.com This site allows them to develop creative stories with beautiful illustrations that they can print. The Juniors and Second Graders worked together to create a class story. Once the teachers print the stories and put them together, they will send them home with each child. The children are such creative young authors!