Your upcoming SHRM Events

Mark your calendars!

We have three upcoming events!

1. Financial Advising Session with Sara Frank-Hepfer

2. Negotiation simulation on influence of power affects decision-making processes

3. Annual Young Alumni Panel

Financial Advising Session

Thursday, March 26th, 12-2pm

Room S133 South Kedzie Hall

DRESSCODE: Business Casual

Discussion topics:

- Basics of Investing: Stocks versus Bonds and what are these “funds?”
- Alphabet soup of investing: ETFs, UITs, 12b1s, A, C, R and I-shares
- Traditional IRAs versus ROTH IRAs
- Paying down student loans versus saving for retirement
- What kinds of savings help you pay less in taxes now
- What kinds of savings can help toward other expenses that may come up, like a first time home purchase

Negotiation Simulation

Tuesday, March 31st, 6:30-8:30pm

Room 118 Eppley Center

We will conduct a negotiations simulation hosted by our very own Shaya Jewani and David Crandall in Rm 118 Eppley Center. The workshop aims to enhance your negotiation skills in an interactive face-to-face simulation with your peers. The training exercise also illustrates how the influence of power affects the decision making process in business.

In order for the negotiations simulation to be manageable, the group size cannot exceed beyond 36 participants. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can know how many participants we can expect.

Annual Young Alumni Panel

Friday, April 10th, 12-2pm

Room S105 South Kedzie Hall

Come learn more about what to expect about entering the working world!

This year's speakers will include . . .

Brett Tesla - GM
Patrick Engler - Boeing
Landry Hourtienne - Honeywell
Branden Harris - Kraft
Trish Nguyen - Eaton

Rachel Thuis - Pepsi

Sonya Usman - Kraft