Walter Mitty the man, the myth,

austin shafor

Through the use of Daydreams, Walter Mitty is characterized as

First, Walter Mitty is very depresses throughtout the story.

One example is that he is scared of his wife. "She seemed grossly unfamiliar like a strong woman who yelled at him in a crowd. Mrs. Mitty is really mean to him.
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He doesnt stand up for himself

The parking lot attendent was yelling at him and he didnt stand up and say anything. He does nothing about it and lets the guy take control of him.
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Walter Mitty has a big imagination

One of the daydreams that he had is that he was a hero and saved people. Another dream that he had is that the firing squad was trying to kill him.
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throught the story of Daydreams he is a very differnt peron in some spots

he can be scared of his wife, doesnt stand up for himself, has a big imagination all at once.
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