Why it is important


What is inclusion?

Inclusive education means students with disabilities learn in general education setting and learn along side their peers without disabilities.
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Why inclusion is important

Students with disabilities that learn alongside their non-disabled peers have a higher level of self worth and better social skills. If they are able to feel included in a setting and succeed, they feel as if their differences with the peers that are not disabled are minute.

Why is inclusion difficult?

inclusion can be difficult for the students with disabilities because they might not be able to receive the individual time and instructions that they need. Also, it is difficult for the teacher to choose a "education methodology" that is best for all students.

What was my influence?

i believe that the videos had the most sway on what i think about inclusion. It is one thing to read how desperate they are to fit in, but it is a whole different world seeing and hearing it come straight from the source. Knowing how they felt and how they are not that different from their general education peers, it shed a new light on this topic.


  • That inclusion is not a "cure all". Not every student with disabilities believes that inclusion is a good fit for them. Some feel that they work better with only a Special Education teacher.
  • That it takes hard work to make inclusion happen smoothly. Not all students will get along and there will be some bumps in the road, but it will get easier once everyone is use to the system. It takes time to perfect!