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Darien Elijah Harrison was born in Fairbanks, AK. He was born to both Jody and Devlon Harrison. He has two Older Siblings, Dominic (16) and Jordyn (10). His Family always knew he was talented and that he had special talents. At the age of just three, his parents said he was already trying to find his specialty. Just 6 years old, he was registered in Gymnastics at Love to Swim and Tumble School. "He is always trying to find a way to make people laugh of smile!" Says Heaven Sewell. Jody (mom) told Daken Interviews, Darien likes to break it down and get loose on his feet! Darien loves to be happy. Sister Jordyn Says, He is very kind. He is always trying to make people happy. I can tell he will leave this world making a mark on everyone.

Personal Life

Darien Enjoys dancing. He is a practicing Christian. He believes the world's perspective is important but imperfect.

Vitamins & Vitality (episode one)

Vitamins & Vitality~ The Darien Show

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