Dewberry farm's pumpkin contest!

we are holding a pumpkin carving contest open to you!

What is the pumpkin contest about?

The pumpkin carving contest is where you can carve anything out of your plastic pumpkins that your imagination desires as long as its kid friendly. Once your pumpkin is ready for the show it will be judged and you could get a chance to get the pumpkin of the season award. After this your pumpkin will be put in the center pumpkin holler,and get a Dewberry farm T-shirt. However if you unfortunately do not win your pumpkin will still be put in the pumpkin holler.

Pumpkin ideas!

Dewberry Farm information.

Our doors are open-

September 26 through November 15

Our family fun hours are-

Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Sunday noon till dusck

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