Friday Coffee Chat!

January 20, 2017

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Keep Reaching HIGH!

You are in the midst of cold, gloomy winter days. You are trying to book, sponsor and sell and you may be hearing NO, Maybe, etc. You are getting frustrated and maybe our saboteurs are telling you to stop. This is the moment that you realize it's the NEW YEAR! It's "YOUR" YEAR! It's time to RISE UP and make this year the best you have ever had personally and within your business!!!

We all have ups and downs. Five shows this month for me cancelled and I worked through it. I set goals and dedicated time last week to BOOK up my quarter. If they said NO to January, I offered February. After one week of NOTHING on my calendar, I now have ONE for January, FIVE for February and TWO for March! I'm lucky? HECK NO! I worked for that. I worked harder than I typically work on bookings, I doubled my efforts and didn't give up until I got a YES!

Listen, I know it's hard :) It's very hard....but YOU are the only one getting in your own way. Your mindset says it's hard, so you back down and then get upset when you see an empty calendar. No one can do this for YOU except YOU!

Are you ready to give yourself this amazing opportunity this year? Then tell your mind to DO IT :)

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Top for the Week!

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Kudos to YOU!

These girls are taking action with SPONSORING this week!

SO proud of all of YOU! I could go on and on and share so many success stories today. Please feel free to give your friends some shout outs on this post!!! We want to hear what YOU are doing!

Spring Rallies!

I was so excited to be a part of TWO spring rallies this week. Our local BRUNCH last Saturday was so much fun!!! Did you know that stylists that attend their local meet ups are SIX times more successful in this business? Yes! SIX!

Anyone that attends can attest to this fact! You get to brainstorm with other stylists, share ideas, get inspired and just have FUN!

How do you find local meet ups?

**Search the EVENTS tab in the lounge and you can find the closest meet up to YOU! Don't be nervous, just go! Your STELLA SISTERS will welcome you with warm hearts!

If you would like to attend a meet up and can't find one near you, let me know and I can help! :)

Save the Date!!! VIP Style Event in Lancaster, PA!

February 13th!!

EEK!!! Local stylists..SUPER exciting news!!! I
Can you believe that our neighboring area... LANCASTER has been identified as an up and coming HOT spot which is much in need of Stylists!?! Yes..Lancaster!! Seriously!! Yes, only 2 places in PA (Lancaster and State College) and a handful on the entire east coast!! Crazy!!!

With this knowledge, fellow bestie Gina Bogda and I are working on a fun VIP Style event on Monday February 13! Your ticket to attend is bringing a guest!!! Our Regional Sales director Megan Maloney will be joining!!!!

Start reaching out to invite!! Think VIP, past hostesses and anyone who has considered joining!! Heck, Grab your BFF and bring her!!! Space is limited.
Who will you invite?? Who will be joining me??

Save the Date! Saturday, February 11th 10-12pm

February Brunch and Meet Up!

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