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Maire newsletter: November 18, 2022

Dear Maire Families,

We had a nice sneak peek this week of our winter to come. Here are a couple of things we noticed that we want all families to be thinking about as the real winter season approaches.

First, label all of your child’s belongings. I know, I’m guilty as a parent of not labeling every glove or hat we have, but you would be amazed at how many items end up in our Lost and Found. So many of those items could find their owners again if they just had a name or initials written on the tags. Take the extra few minutes to label everything, it will be a win-win to have items returned and our Lost and Found to be more manageable.

Second, plan to leave a few minutes earlier than normal to get to school. Our parking lot is pretty busy in the morning on cold or snowy days. We are noticing a steady stream of kids coming in 5-10 minutes late. Please consider leaving earlier from home so that your child can start their day here at school with a calm and focused beginning. For many students being late throws their entire day off.

Third, come prepared for the cold weather. We go outside every day unless the temperature reaches below zero with the windchill. Winter coats, boots, and snow pants are required to be out on the field and wood chips in the winter. Because we go outside twice a day, pack water-repellent gloves. The thin fabric gloves absorb the water and create frozen fingers. We want kids to be safe and warm during our Michigan winters.

The weather will come back to a normal November temperature, so count this early snow as a great opportunity to better prepare for our winter ahead. For younger students, practice getting their gear on and off so they can gain more independence at school. Thank you for partnering with us so we can tackle any challenge winter throws our way!

If you have any additional wonderings or concerns, please feel free to reach out at anytime!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Nicole Filiccia

Principal of Maire

We Learn. We Lead. We Lift.

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Thank you to the Maire Student Council and Mrs. Miller for organizing the items and prepping the baskets for 25 local families. Thank you to all of the Maire Families for your very generous donations!

Looking for more ways to show gratitude?

Check out this resource from Leader in Me about the power of gratitude.

2nd and 3rd Grade Magnet Program Nomination

If you have a current 2nd or 3rd grade student you may be interested in finding out about our magnet program. The GPPSS offers a magnet program for 3rd and 4th grade students. Please click here for more information and here for an application to nominate your student if you are interested. Additional information is available on our district website.

Holiday Craft Show

Come join us for the Holiday Craft Show. It will be hosted in the Maire Gym on Saturday, December 3rd. There will be 4 different crafts to choose from.

  • Picture Snowglobe
  • Light-Up Tree Canvas
  • Festive Globe Ornament
  • Popsicle Tree OR Reindeer Ornament

Fourth Graders will have the opportunity to build a Birch Tree Reindeer!

Important News Regarding RSV

November 11, 2022

Dear Parent(s) and Families,

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) season is upon us and has started creeping into our school. We would like to share with you some helpful information regarding this virus and what you can do within your home and in the school/community at large to help minimize the spread.

In most people, RSV resembles a common cold, including a runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Other symptoms include a decreased appetite, sneezing, fever, wheezing and irritability. Those most at risk for severe illness are premature infants, children under the age of 2, those with chronic lung or heart conditions, children with weakened immune systems, and the elderly. It usually takes 2-8 days from the time a person is exposed until symptoms develop. Virtually all children are infected by the age of 3. Re-infection throughout life is common.

RSV is spread by respiratory droplets either directly through the air, or indirectly by hands, tissues, or items put in the mouth (toys, eating utensils, cups, etc.). If your child is having symptoms of RSV contact your health provider.

Infections can be minimized by:

● thorough, frequent handwashing with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

● covering your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your upper shirt sleeve, not your hands

● avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth

● cleaning objects and frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs and mobile devices well and often

● staying home if sick

● consider wearing a well-fitting mask, especially if you have any symptoms

Please notify us if your child is diagnosed with an RSV infection. Children with moderate to severe respiratory illness or fever should not attend school until symptoms are resolved.

We ask that families are aware and diligent in helping minimize the spread throughout our school and community. The GPPSS Weekly Update sent via email to all district families earlier this week included the communication directly from Wayne County.

For more information, visit:

Thank you.

We are learning all about the 7 Habits at Maire! Please click on the link to learn more about Habit 1: Be Proactive.

Please click on the link for the Read Aloud from Mrs. Kozlowski.

Trick or Trash

Don't Throw Away Those Candy Wrapper!

Instead, bring them to school and place them in the Trick or Trash collection box located in the Maire office vestibule!

The wrappers will be sent to a place where they will be cleaned, sorted, then ground into pellets. The pellets will be recycled into other products.

Let's help keep our planet clean!

Communities United in Diversity

Please consider joining the sessions listed on the flyer!

We are seeking out chaperones!

Please click on the sign up genius link below to learn more about an upcoming event at Maire in December!

"Maire Moment" Dates:

*Late Start Monday's 9:05

11/23-11/25 NO SCHOOL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! See you on Monday!

12/3 Maire Holiday Craft Fair & Gift Shop 9am-12pm


Chartwell's Lunch Menu:

PIZZA DAY IS BACK AT MAIRE BI-WEEKLY on Thursday: 12/1, 12/15.

GPPSS and Chartwells are excited to bring back Hungry Howies pizza days. One complete meal will include one (1) slice of pizza, fruit or vegetable. Students must take food from a minimum of three food groups and a maximum of five to be considered a meal. Any student (regardless of free/reduced status) will be charged $2.00 for each additional slice of pizza. Please have a conversation with your child(ren) about your expectations for the amount of food they request prior to pizza day so you do not incur additional charges unexpectedly. You can always check your student’s balance in MiStar under Cafeteria, and click the link to the right of that balance to add funds. We’re looking forward to your cooperation so our pizza days are a success this year.

Please join our Maire Bears for lunch / recess as a volunteer! Please click on the lunch bag below.

Maire Weekly Flyers

Here is the link to our weekly flyers: Click Here

Flyers may also be accessed by going to the Maire website and clicking on the "Newsletters" button.

Maire PTO News & Events

PTO News and Updates

Upcoming Events

Nov. 25 GP Lions Jingle Bell Family Fun Run (8-10 am)

Dec. 3 Holiday Craft Fair & Gift Shop (9am - noon)

More information about PTO events can be found on the PTO website at

Get to Know Your PTO Board

Each week we are introducing Maire families to one of the 2022-2023 PTO Board Members. This week, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our Maire Special Projects Chair, Molly Czoykowski.

My name is Molly Czoykowski. I am a mom to two current Maire Bears and one future Maire Bear. I am the PTO Special Projects chair, which means I coordinate non-fundraising, community-building events. PTO sponsored special projects include: Coney night, the fall cider and donuts gathering, the annual progressive dinner, the winter skate and social, and the block party. If anyone is interested in chairing or helping out with any of these events, please reach out at

I am a nurse and love working part-time. Together as a family we love to take trips and play sports. All summer long you can find us at the park, swimming, and hanging with friends. We absolutely love being a part of the Maire community!

Maire Family Directory

As you’re making holiday card lists, please remember to update your information in the Maire Family Directory. Go to and click on the Family Directory button. You will be directed to the Maire Family Directory page. Here you will be prompted to login and update your family’s contact information. You will also find contact information for other Maire families to add to your card list.

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The items requested are for projects in the MakerSpace for the month. Your donations are appreciated and can be dropped off in the office lobby.

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