The Spanish American War

Chapter 20 ~Bekah Keller~

My opinion on Cuba and the New York World

Hello I am Sally Johnson and I am writing about the events in Cuba and the Newspaper articles about it. I felt bad for the Cubans who were rebelling, and I feel like they were just like us Americans in the American Revolution wanting freedom. It is heartbreaking that they were put in re-concentration camps, just for wanting to campaign. The news I read about Cuba was very misleading because of how dramatic it was. I think newspapers need to get straight to the point, but serve factual and not sugar-coated information.

To: U.S. Government

I am writing about the Lome letter and the USS Maine. The Lome letter was sent to Washington by Enrique Dupuy de lome. The letter was leaked by a publisher, but it was only supposed to be for a friend. In the letter Dupuy says that McKinley was "weak and catering to the rabble and, besides a low politician." This stirred bitter feelings between US and Spain. Right after, a mysterious explosion blew up the USS Maine, and was immediately blamed on Spain. Obviously Spain had something to do with this, because of the previous events with the Lome letter. I think that we should start a war with Spain because we shouldn't let them get away with blowing up our ships and talking absurd things about President McKinley.

On The BattleField

As a correspondent on the battlefields I saw many disputes in Cuba. On May 1st in the Philippines, Dewey's squadron opened fire on the Spanish fleet, completely destroying it. In another battle moved to Cuba, Roosevelt used Rough Riders to charge up Kettle hill, and fight on San Juan Hill.The rest of the war moved along quickly and seemed to flow quickly before my eyes. At least 5,500 had died in the war, but mostly because of diseases like the Yellow fever and Malaria.


This cartoon is showing McKinley (black suit) and Henry Cabot Lodge (Red) and Roosevelt (black hate) and Uncle Sam (white hat). McKinley was the President of that time, and Henry Cabot Lodge was a Senator. ???