Pre-Calc Finance Project

Sebastian McCarty Hour 1


Jenny went to college for 2 years, and then dropped out. Unfortunately, by the time she dropped out of college, she had $20,000 in student loans with an interest rate of 6.80%. She has been working as a bank teller for the last 3 years. Her salary is $30,000. She also has a car payment of $400 per month. She is excited to buy her first home.


Salary: $30,000

Student Loans: $20,000

Car Payment: $400 per month

After she takes 30% of her salary for taxes she's left with: $21,000

Per-Month Spending: $1,750

Student Loan

Student Loan has to be paid off within 10 years therefore she needs to pay $230.16 per month to pay off the loan.

Monthly Budget

Student Loan: $230.16

Car Insurance: $83.33

Food: $289.56

Gas/Transportation: $460

Entertainment/Other/Netflix: $108

Cell-Phone: $75

Utilities: $160

Total Monthly Expenses: $1,406.05

Budget Left For House: $343.95

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What Jenny Can Afford For A House

Jenny can afford a house that is worth $70,971.27.

Jenny found a beautiful, sufficient house that is only worth $53,500. With the house being cheaper than what she can actually afford, she will have a good amount of money left over.

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Monthly House Payment/Interest

With the house being $53,500 and paying it off over the course of 30 years, Jenny will have a monthly house payment of $259.28.

However with an interest rate of 4.125%, over time she will actually pay $93,340.80. A difference of $38,340.80 from the original cost.

Monthly Payment Increase of 15%

Jenny's new monthly payment will be $298.17.

With an increase of $38.89 towards the monthly payment, Jenny will be able to pay off the house in 11 years and 8 months instead of 30 years.

The total difference in the amount paid would be: $51,595.81.

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