by Emry colby

cyber bullying

how do prevent Cyber bullying

‘’Cyberbullying is everyone's business and the best response is a pro-active or preventative one. From the outset, we can reduce the risks associated with Internet use if we engage in an open discussion with our children about their online activities and set up rules that will grow along with them.’’


how do cyber bullys act online

’It’s important to note that there is no single profile of a child who bullies. While some fit the traditional image of someone who is generally aggressive and has poor impulse control, others may be very sensitive to social nuances and are able to use that understanding against their act.

how many kids are cyber bullying

‘’For most youth, the Internet is all about socializing, and while most of these social interactions are positive, increasing numbers of kids are using the technology to intimidate and harass others – a phenomenon known as cyberbullying.’’

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did you know that the number of cyber bullying is going up.