By Maddi & Bonnie

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated verbally, physically, socially and emotionally. It may be targeted at a person or group of people. it can cause harm or make a person feel uncomfortable and may cause fear or anxiety.

What are the effects of bullying

Bullying can harm or affect anyone. those who are bullied can be affected by the bully and the bystander but the bully can be affected to. Bullying can cause many negative outcomes such as affects on metal health, drug use, suicide and depression.

What are different types of bullying

There are four main types of bullying such as physical, verbal, cyber and social bullying. There are other types of bullying like disability, gay, legal, parental and school bullying. these all have massive effects on people.


Physical is when someone is actually touching or hurting you.


Verbal bullying is when someone is putting you down or saying something about you that you do not like.


Cyber bullying is when someone is saying mean things about you online and not in person. They could be doing it secretly and know one would have a clue it was happening.


Social bullying is when some one is taking charge in the group and leaving people out or talking behind each others back.

How can you cope with bulling

If you are being bullied

  • Don't blame yourself: it is not your fault no matter what the bully says
  • be proud of who you are: it is you and there is no reason to change
  • Get help: talk to someone you trust or love
  • Learn to deal with stress: don't let it get to you.
5th Graders Stand Up Against Bullying: Gives Hope to Many

What resources can we use to help victems of bullying?