CHS Dual Credit Opportunities

A College & Career Readiness Effort

The Chester High School Counseling Program is committed to...

"advancing students’ planning, preparation, participation and performance in a rigorous academic program that connects to their college and career aspirations and goals." (NOSCA)

To further this effort for students interested in earning college credit while still in high school, we work closely with Southwestern Illinois College faculty and staff to provide college credit bearing courses taught by CHS Faculty and offer online dual credit courses.

We've removed the classroom walls & increased rigorous academic opportunities.

Enrolling in a Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Course

All students planning to take online or in-house Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment courses next year must:

  1. Complete a SWIC "New Student Form"
  2. Complete the placement exam by Contacting the SWIC Testing Center
  3. Meet with a SWIC Counselor at the Red Bud Campus to register for class

CHS Student Services Office

School Counseling Program Mission

The mission of the Chester High School Student Services Office, in collaboration with other stakeholders, is to ensure a safe and supportive environment that supports all students by providing a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program that addresses each student’s unique academic, career and social-emotional needs, and helps them develop meaningful, responsible and productive lives that empower them to experience lifelong success in a changing society.

School Counselor: Mrs. Sabens (ext. 202)

Student Services Assistant: Linda Marcinkowska (ext. 201)

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