Final Project

Anya Comeau

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech.

Claim - When hate speech is permitted it costs someone a piece of themselves, or their lives. It tears them to pieces and makes them feel worthless. They lose self respect. Hate speech destroys society.
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Analysis, Advanced

Future societal impacts if something is not done about my issue : If something is not done about hate speech, then people will always feel like they don’t fit in and they don’t want to be here, so society will stay broken. The impact of hate speech is great. We could lose lives of people who are the victims.

Unit 1 : How it relates

People live where they believe they should live. The land, their beliefs. They live where they feel that people are more like them, so they don’t get hated on for what they are wearing, or the way they talk, or the clothes they wear. They live where they feel they belong.

Unit 2 : How it relates

Hate speech is usually prescribed from one social group to another, thus being a force of conflict. Hate speech can also be brought upon if some people have different beliefs, and feel that the other person’s belief is not right, they could hate on them for their beliefs.

Unit 3 : How it relates

Sometimes, people believe something, and think that other people should too. If these people don’t believe this same thing, that’s when hate speech can begin. These belief systems will have conflict over whose beliefs are true and right.
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Unit 4 : How it relates

Some people in some groups gain power and create different individual rights, like a freedom of speech right, but there could be some limitations, or there don’t have to be. If there are no limits on these rights, or freedoms, people could abuse them and use them to do more harm than good, AKA hate speech.
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Application, Advanced :

The future of society if this issue is dealt with : If hate speech is dealt with, people wouldn’t be as scared to leave their homes where they feel safe, and everyone will be accepted for who they are and what their beliefs are without having to worry about all the hate.

The future of society if this is not dealt with : If this is not dealt with, hate speech will keep happening, and people will be afraid to do what they want to do.

Transfer, Advanced :

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This shows how you can report photos for hate speech, because sadly enough, it happens a lot for people to be able to report it.