whatever it takes to make $$$!

by: grace cox

how we make quick cash!!$$$$

well our new trend is jumping into windows so you can get coats and jewelry so you can sell them but it might lead to this possible conditions, you can possibly: go to jail, have no family time and have to go work for some awful businesses

how it effects kids

well this new trend is making kids go to jail and/or go to hard work with no breaks and they might get really bad injuries.

how this trend ended

the way this trend ended was when the law said that it wasn't right to make kids go to jail or work without a new thing called a trial and a thing called a jury that decides if thy are guilty or not.


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push for your suprise

here is your yummy surprise!!


that chocolate bar it looks good right well guess what the coco beans were picked by a kid your age in India and there's been reports that child labor also happens in the Nike factories.