Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished

Are conservative volunteers permitted in schools?


At the January 23rd school board meeting, members of GCISD Parents celebrated the opportunity to volunteer in our schools doing inventory of the district's first ever beginning reading curriculum. Excited to help restore academics in GCISD and rollout this curriculum, they described a positive experience in supporting literacy for our children.

The far left rage mob was infuriated by these volunteers and immediately went on the attack hunting down the individuals who spoke at the meeting as well as the ones who didn't speak, but did volunteer.


Supporting Our Teachers

Mid-January, members of GCISD Parents gave over 130 hours combined at Timberline Elementary School to help roll out the district’s first ever beginning reading curriculum. They were delighted to help with this process and eager to get this curriculum into the hands of our teachers!

Each day started by checking in using the district’s established security system (called “Raptor”). This system keeps potential threats out by instantly screening each visitor's government-issued ID card against the sex offender registries in all 50 states as well as an unlimited number of custom databases. It is the industry standard for security. All of the volunteers passed this screening process and wore detailed visitor badges confirming that fact.

Then volunteers were escorted to their work area where they inventoried and barcoded 11 pallets worth of books spanning grades K-5. Within a week, they had completed their task and the teachers could get their hands on the books!


Blind Hatred and Lies

As a result of their volunteering, GCISD Parents members have been relentlessly persecuted by the aggressively antagonistic leadership of a woke political organization called the Texas Bi-Partisan Alliance. Incidentally, their Board of Directors includes residents from Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, and Colleyville.

The Texas Bi-Partisan Alliance is directly aligned with a fake conservative PAC called True Texas Values (NOT the real conservative PAC "Texas Values") that tries to fool conservative voters out of their money–so watch out for it. They recently renamed themselves and are now called the Texas Nonpartisan PAC. This PAC directly aligns itself with two other woke organizations: United for GCISD & Protect GCISD.

Alliance leadership claims that GCISD Parents violated the district's safety protocols by being in the building at all, in spite of the fact that every single volunteer who goes into any building in GCISD has to follow the same protocol using the "Raptor" security system mentioned above. The head of security himself confirmed this repeatedly.

Unable to accept this objective reality, the livid far left continues to push their fantasy reality of some sort of rule violation even though it's obvious to everyone else that they just don't like us.


5 Examples of the Persecution

Here are 5 examples of the persecution that the GCISD Parents membership, including parents, grandparents, community members, and retired teachers have faced as a result of their participation with GCISD Parents over the past year:

  1. A member’s son was rejected entry into a gifted and talented program by a current member of Protect GCISD (even though the teacher keeps saying he is GT)
  2. During class time, the child of one of the woke activists told the child of a GCISD Parent that “Conservative + Racist = Republican
  3. A father member lost his promotion at work after woke activists called up his clients to call him a racist bigot, hindering his ability to provide for his family
  4. A member was blackballed locally, causing him to lose clients and revenue while also limiting his ability to pay his employees
  5. A home-maker member and her children were mailed poop

The book inventory persecution specifically caused one particularly bad outcome:

A retired conservative GHS teacher volunteer was so afraid of retaliation that she passed out at the administration building and required medical assistance, including an ambulance (Wednesday 1/25/23).


The Insanity Continued

The very next day after the frightened retired teacher required medical assistance, the persecution continued with a flurry of open records requests to ensure that no conservative was left unattacked.

Texas Bi-Partisan Alliance leadership requested ...

  • pictures of the volunteers from their personal phones,
  • a list of everyone who had volunteered at the school, &
  • communications between a staff member and the trustee who sent volunteers to help in the first place.

Again, these volunteers were there to do book inventory with the sole purpose of getting desperately needed instructional materials into the hands of our teachers.


Should conservatives be allowed to volunteer in GCISD without being hunted by a woke rage mob?

The Texas Bi-Partisan Alliance doesn’t seem to think so, and neither will any of the candidates they support for school board. These people have deliberately hurt children, canceled parents, hunted grandparents, and frightened retired teachers.

There's a word for people who do this: BULLIES.


If you want to help restore academics in our schools, protect our kids, encourage our families and community members to volunteer, and appreciate retired teachers, you need to reject the hatred of all of the woke organizations in GCISD as well as any future school board candidate they support. Don’t be fooled–the people they support will share their values (which is why they support them).

Candidates for School Board

The school board candidates for the May election are filing now. That process completes in a couple weeks. After that, campaign season begins.

The only way to support our schools and protect our kids is to elect people who share our goals and values. All of GCISD Parents' candidates will do that.

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