The Borromeo Bulletin - #19

Home of the Bobcats: January 22, 2021

Thoughts from Dr. Voelkl, Mrs. Winkler and your SCB Faculty and Staff,

Happy Friday all!

We have been busy preparing and prepping for our upcoming Open House events. As part of this process our technology coordinator, Mr. Nguyen, has worked hard to update and refine our Saint Charles Borromeo School website. While he has made a number of updates and changes, we always appreciate feedback from our families. If you have a moment to take a look and let us know what you feel might be missing or what else you might like to see PLEASE send that information our way! It is also helpful to view on various devices including computers, i-phones and androids to see how it might load or appear in different ways.

Our students have been busy this week completing their winter round of AIMS web assessments. These assessments help us monitor growth and progress in the various strands under reading and math. Once we as an institution have had an opportunity to digest this data we will share these results with you.

Each time we go through this process it causes me to pause and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of my own children. I have two children who LOVE to read and one who still fights me tooth and nail each time even their is even a suggestion that said child might want to pick up a book :-) Alas, I have yet to find the magic answer to this challenge but I do believe that like any other activity the more you practice the more you improve. If you have a child who is hesitant to read DO KNOW that you are not alone, also know that there is value in exposing your child to variety of print materials. I remember as a child sitting at the kitchen counter reading the back of the cereal box or as I got older reading the latest copy of TEEN magazine. If you are able to find magazines, articles, or maybe a book about your child's passions it might lead to at least a small step in fostering their enjoyment of reading. Stay tuned for some incentives and prizes from Mrs. Winkler and Dr. Voelkl for all of our readers young and old...

Continued prayers and blessings to you all. We look forward to continuing to grow together in faith and love ~

Dr. Voelkl

CYC sports

Just a reminder that you can click on the Athletic Association tab at the bottom of this newsletter to see what upcoming sign ups are available

Dinner Auction

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TTEF Scholarship reminder!

Don't forget to Apply!!!! As a reminder this is the only way to apply for scholarships through the Archdiocese for assistance.

Mass Journals

Remember to turn in your mass journals if you haven't yet.

Remember to Re-register your kids!!!

Registration is open to current families until January 31st. Please register your child(ren) to confirm your spot. If they are not registered by the 27th, your spot may be in jeopardy of being taken. I am asking you to please register by the 27th so I can figure out how many spots are available for me to offer to new families.

On January 31st, new applications will be accepted. All of the links are below in this newsletter.

Water Bottles and Paper Towels

THANK YOU! We do not need anymore We try to keep a supply of water bottles with the nurse for students that may need it. Her station is starting to run dry from all the students that forget to bring their own water bottles. If you are able, we would love to restock her supply.

We are also very low on Paper towels. If you are able to assist with this, it would be greatly appreciated!

BASK and Cafe

Where do I find out how much money I owe for BASK and/or cafe?

Go to the home page of FACTS. Then click on "Family" on the left hand side of the the screen. Then Cafe and BASK will appear on the center of that page. You can click on the blue "details" word and that will open up the account. REMEMBER a positive balance indicates that you owe money and a negative balance indicates that you have money in your account.

Please make cafe checks out to FSC or use paypal

Please make BASK checks out to SCB with Bask in the memo.


Back by popular demand :)

We have had many phone calls and emails requesting to put Sign Ups back in the Newsletter.... so here you go. It can still be found on the main page on FACTS.

January BASK:

Phone Numbers to take note of (and maybe put in your phone)

School: 636-946-2713

School Fax: 636-946-3096

BASK/PK: 636-757-9474

Nurse: 636-946-1373

Parish Office: 636-946-1893

Religious Ed: 636-946-2916

St. Vincent Help Line: 636-925-1616

Nurse Quarando Updates

If your child is sick, please notify Mrs. Quarando at

Nurse Direct Line: 636-946-1373

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture


For those suffering from Covid.

For those suffering from any type of loss.

For those that haven't been able to see their families.

Can you help once a month???

We would like to collect food for our Mini Vinnie Program. This program helps feed many families in the Orchard Farm school district. Please help as much as you can!

Jan 11: Soup-er Bowl: Condensed Chicken Noodle, Condensed Tomato, Non-Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup, Non-Condensed Beef & Vegetable

Feb 1: Snack Attack: Rice Krispie Treats, Ind. Cheez-its, 6 pack Cracker sandwiches, Pudding, Ind. Cookie Packages, Pudding Cups

Mar 1: Be Cheesy: Mac N Cheese boxes

Apr 19: Grains For Brains: NutriGrain Breakfast Bars, Granola Bars

May 3: It's What For Breakfast: Full Size Boxes of Cereal

Important Dates

New info is Bold.. this is just to help keep you updated.... please look at our google calendar as well.


* Jan 25: Spirit Dress Down Day

* Feb 1: Spirit Dress Down Day- Snack Attack: Rice Krispie Treats, Ind. Cheez-its, 6 pack Cracker sandwiches, Pudding, Ind. Cookie Packages, Pudding Cups

* Feb 8: Spirit Dress Down Day

* Feb 11: Wear red or pink shirts. Valentine's will be passed out in HR

* Feb 12- NO SCHOOL- CHANGE from half day

* Feb 13-14: LUKE 18 - In person retreat

* Feb 15- No School- Presidents Day

* Feb 16- Spirit Dress Down Day or Mardi Gras

* Feb 22: Spirit Dress Down Day

* Feb 26 -27: LUKE 18 - Virtual option

* March 1--Spirit Dress Down Day- Be Cheesy: Mac N Cheese boxes

* March 5: NO SCHOOL-CHANGED from half day

* March 8: Spirit Dress Down Day

* March 15--Spirit Dress Down Day

* March 22--Spirit Dress Down Day

* March 29--Spirit Dress Down Day

* April 1: Dismiss at noon- NO BASK

* April 2-12: Spring Break

* April 19-Spirit Dress Down Day

* April 22: Confirmation 7PM

* April 24: 1st Communion

* April 26--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 3--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 3-5: 8th Grade Camp

* May 5-7: 6th Grade Camp

* May 7: May Crowning- noon dismiss

* May 10--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 14: Field Day

* May 17--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 24--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 21: 8th Grade Graduation 7:00 PM

* May 20: 8th Grade Last Day

* May 25: Kindergarten Graduation & Last Day (am TBD)

* May 27: Preschool Last Day

* May 28- Last day- Dismiss at 11!!!!

Athletic Association Website

Click here for more information from the SCB Athletic Association

SCB Parish Website

Look here to see what is going on in our parish.

SCB Early Childhood Center Facebook Page

Check out our Preschool students and see what they are learning

SCB School Facebook Page

We are constantly growing and learning.... see what we do when we aren't at home!

SCB Youth Ministry Facebook page

Ever wonder what goes on with our Youth Group? Here is your opportunity!

SCB Parent Support Group Facebook Page

Great opportunity to share with fellow SCB parents. This is a closed group, so only SCB families may join

SCB Home and School Facebook Page

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