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News For October 12 - October 16


Edited by Holly Yazdi and Joseph Sandefur

Written by Jamie Folds, Jaden Hancin, Will Kell, Jada McCollum, Skyilar Mitchell, Joseph Sandefur, Meadow Stowell, Kate Walden, and Holly Yazdi

A message from our superintendent

Message from the Superintendent – Oct. 8, 2015

CLASSROOM NEWS (not all classes listed)


Nettles: Tuesday- Review rough draft for expository paper, Thursday- Advanced- Starting Written in Bones. Standard- Having a socratic circle.

Lindsey: Studying the Human Body and finishing the cell lab.



Boone: Pre- Start law of exponents

Algebra- 5.4 and 5.5

Law: Advanced- Looking Glass wars

Regular- short stories

Surrey: Studying Greece


Larisey: The Israel Lights

Garafola: Algebra 1- inequalities. Pre algebra- Real Numbers

Madison: May be reading The Hunger Games.


Career Tech (Schneider): Continuing "Shark Tank".

Art (Bittinger): Studying crab anatomy, which will result in painting crabs in acrylic and using real sand in paintings.

21st Century Skills (Pearson): Working on blogging and starting new writing assignment.

Band (Thomas): Reading new Christmas music, playing at Middle School and High School, and working on sharp scales.

FACS (K. Taylor): Kitchen Safety

Peer Helpers: New student video and Veteran's Day copies

No school Monday!

Columbus Day is this Monday. There is no school, so make sure you don't come!


  • 10-13-15: Gifted parent meetings @ 2:00

  • 10-14-15: Gifted parent meetings @ 2:00

  • 10-15-15: Gifted parent meetings @ 2:00

  • 10-15-15: Home game vs Central Baldwin, Band also performs

  • 10-16-15: Band night @ Daphne High School
  • 10-16-15: Report cards go home


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By Bailey Cross


Football Game!

This Thursday is a Home game vs Central Baldwin. Kickoff starts at 6. Come and support your Daphne Middle School Football Players! Our band will also play at this game.


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Fleurettes: The Fleurettes are selling BOO grams at break. You will be able to buy your friends a lollipop and send a message with it. They will be sold until October 29th for $1.00

TSA: Next meeting on Wednesday, October 14th, until 4:00. They will be electing officers.

NJHS: Meeting Dates to be announced

FCCLA: Next meeting on Friday, October 16th. They will be making blankets for children in community hospitals.

YOGA: Practice Wednesday

Congratulations to The Fleurettes Officers

President: Lillie Yazdi

Vice President: Bree Kendrick

Secretary: Holly Yazdi

Treasurer: Madelyn Byrne

Historian: Jocelyn Wright

Reporter: Mya Jo Williams

7th grade boys Basketball

CONGRATULATIONS to the 7th grade boys who made the boys basketball team. Great job to everyone else who tried out! Players who made it are listed below. The team members are extremely excited for the new season and they think that they are going to do great this year because they all know each other.
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Language Arts Teacher at Daphne Middle

What middle school did you attend? What years did you attend?

Mrs. Nettles attended Monroeville Junior High and attended during the years of 2000-2004.

What activities were you involved in?

She was involved in cheerleading, softball, Beta Club, band and yearbook.

What were you like in middle school?

Mrs. Nettles was bad at math. She had her first big boyfriend at the time so it was dramatic. She was sensitive when she got something wrong.

What bands, movies, TV shows were your favorite?

She said her favorite shows were Boy Meets World and Even Stevens. She would hide burned CDs in her closet cause her dad would get mad. She would turn the volume really low and listen to them so her parents couldn't hear.

What was your prized possession or favorite thing?

Mrs. Nettles said that her pictures were her favorite thing. She said she had a wall full of collages in her room.