The place that is nowhere

“We don't want to change. Every change is a menace to stability” (Huxley)

This quote was said by The Resident World Controller of Western Europe, Mustapha Mond, to John the Savage. This was said after John made a ruckus in the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying and then sent to the world controller. There John and Mustapha have a conversation about why the world is the way it is now and why things must stay the same. This quote reveals a lot of irony as well as hypocrisy. The Brave New World is nothing but change; change in the way people view monogamy, change the way children are made and how the grow up. All these changes are made with stability in mind but end up with the lost of humanity. In today’s society, all change is made to better the lives of people and to improve performances. Although in the beginning people were reluctant to change, they eventually caved in. Once they had a taste, the change and improvements in technology came flowing in. Most of these changes are for the better but they also made us lose touch in the meaning of living in the moment.

Dystopian Today

Today’s society has come a long way from when America was fresh and new. The people were able to move past struggles such as: racism, women’s rights, and major wars. But as we are moving further into the future, it seems like we are taking three steps back and half a step forward. There are recurring struggles that shouldn’t be a problem today. The desire to have control and wanting change but not stepping up to do so is creating a dystopia within our once great country.

It’s grateful that North America is able to produce enough for the people living within the country, but what about our neighboring countries that struggle everyday to have a grain of rice or a piece of bread? There are many people within this country that feel the same way. They are able to talk plenty about how we dispose “133 billion pounds of food” ("Food Waste – US") but do not step up and do something about it. America should care for their neighbors and promote them to be the best they can, rather than raising war and trying to be the superior one. Superiority comes from being able to lead the people and then stand alongside the people to help them lead.

Another problem that’s beginning to arise is the backtrack to racial profiling. Through civil wars, Jim Crow laws and Martin Luther King Jr., today’s society should not even begin to judge another person due to their skin color. Early 2012, a young teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by an officer. It was reported that this young African American teen was shot point blank by a white officer. This in turn aroused the black community and led to several riots and protesting. The matter got worst when the officer who shot Mr. Brown was not charged of his alleged crime. After this incident began a domino effect. Several other African American teens were shot and killed by officers of the opposite race. The world is once again split due to the color of people’s skin and no justice is being served. Blacks are seen as criminals while whites are being seen as the enemy. History’s mistakes are meant to be learned from, not repeated.

A topic that the world is slowly beginning to accept and improve on is regarding same sex marriage and abortions. It’s odd to think that problems which don’t affect the observers have such a high place on the list of today’s issues. These people who seek power and control from the decisions of others are going to tear this world apart. Marriage is between two people, not three, or four, or five. Abortion affects one person, not two, or three, or four. Shouldn’t it seem like the decision should go to those that are directly involved not men who sits in an office all day. All in all, today’s society is repeating mistakes from the past due to the crave of control and power.

OneRepublic - Secrets

Secrets of Brave New World

OneRepublic’s Secrets has many lyrical references that draws my attention to the dystopian society of Brave New World. The person singing this song might very well be someone in the Brave New World’s society that has fallen off all the preconditioning given to them from the Hatchery. The line “I need another story/Something to get off my chest/My life gets kinda boring” ("Onerepublic – Secrets Lyrics") indicates that this person is in need of soma in order to enjoy the high. Maybe even enjoy games such as “Obstacle Golf, centrifugal bumble-puppy, [or] escalator squash” (Huxley). These games were made to keep the people of Brave New World busy and not get bored; which might end up leading to thinking outside their social conditionings. OneRepublic’s line, “All the problems that we could solve/And when a situation rises/Just write it into an album” ("Onerepublic – Secrets Lyrics") is reminiscent to the hatchery and the Reservation. When there is situation of someone rebelling or not following the rules, the government would exile the person to the Reservation. And the “album” can be regarded as the Hatchery. If there is a problem in someone’s genetics or conditioning, the hatchery will whip up another formula to inject into the fetuses. The Hatchery is a place that will ensure a person to stay within their social ranking. It is also able to prevent most illnesses from entering the body and doing harm. This song, at first, may not seem like the best fit for this novel, but once the lyrics are broken down it fits right in.
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GMOs or GM-No

One of the many good things that have evolved from today’s technology are the usage of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This GMO will regard to the makeup of food genes and how this will better the lives of plants and humans. The topic of genetically modified foods is very heavy and controversial. Although there are cons to the usage of this technology, there are pros that will outweigh the negatives. GMOs will better serve our rapidly growing and demanding society.

One of the major pros of GMOs would be the ability of insect resistance which in turn will reduce environmental pollution. Before this, farmers would have to go in and spray pesticides that will go into the air and harm the environment. With the use of GMos, the crops will require “less chemicals, time and tools, and may help to reduce environmental pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion” as said by Oklahoma State University ("Pros & Cons of GMO Foods"). The environment has become a great deal as we move along to the future - as it should be. People are worried about fighting wars and getting expensive luxury items when the environment should be the first priority. Without healthy air to breath, people wouldn’t need to worry about the little thing. Along with inserting non-toxic insect resistance, the scientists are also able to insert beneficial things such as vaccines. This is not popular at the moment but will evolve to become so. There are so many disease and toxins let into the air daily that will enter our bodies. With vaccines put into our crops, along with the natural benefits of greens and fruits, the human body will be able to withstand any illness.

The population is rapidly increasing and is only going to get bigger. In order to support the growing population, food production needs to increasing. Regular crops are only able to grow with the season; meaning, different crops for different seasons. In addition, they are only able to produce so much crops in one time. With GMOs, any type of crops are able to be grown during any season. Their shelf life are also extended, decreasing the amount of soiled food that gets thrown away daily. GMOs are able to create “bigger yields” and have a more “efficient use of land” ("Benefits of GM Food:"). Land is becoming scarce due to growing cities and factories. It is crucial that every inch of land is being used effectively.

Genetically modified organisms/foods is a widely debated topic that has everyone’s opinion. With every topic debated, there will be cons. What the focus should be on is, how the pros of GMOs greatly outweigh the cons. GMOs will help to decrease the amount of toxins being let into the air due to pesticides, increase the health of the human body due to added nutrition, and increase crop yield to support the growing population. Being aware of the impact of what we do effect the earth is very important. If there is too much damage being done, there won’t be a world to live in.

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