Jeannette's Reading History

2005- 2013

2005- Young 5's

Every night I would come home and pick out a book and have it read to me

2006- Kindergarden

At this time, I was learning to read, and I had started reading picture books

2007- 1st Grade

I loved to read. I read whenever I got the chance and to everyone I could. I quickly got into chapter books by 2nd grade. I never really missed the pictures anyway,  they were a minor price to pay for an actual plot and story

2008- 2nd grade

My reading got better and better, and soon I began writing stories too. Sure, some of them were already in books, but i liked my wording better.

2009- 3rd grade

My writing and reading faultered for a while when we got into non-fiction.

2010- 4th grade

One of my favorite years. We started reading Poetry, and I loved reading it. I wanted to write it too. One of my favorite memories is reading outside in 4th grade, with the wind blowing and the pages fluttering.

2011- 5th grade

Books started to get assigned, and I started not liking certian genres, like Mystery and Historical Fiction.

2012- 6th grade

I hated having a reading log, being forced to read  a certian amount of minutes each day, but moved easily to a Z level.

2013- 7th grade

I disliked a reading log, again, but never came across a book I didt like, because I steered clear of genres that i didnt like. I became a picky reader, and didnt make an effort to read over the summer.