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Brush up on your vocabulary, grammar and reading skills before taking the Accuplacer English placement exam. This important exam determines whether you may enroll in college credit classes. There are strict limits on how often you can take this test, so you need to do your best the first time! This short, free course includes:

  • Short video lectures: Listen at your own pace! Watch as many times as you like! Watch in your pajamas!
  • Practice tests: Enable you to get used to the computer test; explain wrong answers; can be taken again and again!
  • Open source practice materials: We have searched the web for the best online resources to help you get more practice in the areas you require.
  • Discussion boards: Discuss your questions with other students.

This online course allows you to take three full practice tests. Feedback is provided for all incorrect answers, as well as directions to open source resources for further study on particular points. Short videos provide lectures on 10 different topics, including grammar topics, reading between the lines (how to answer inference questions), phrasal verbs, and more. For example, if you have trouble with gerunds and infinitives, you will be able to watch a video lecture about this grammar point, and then do extra exercises on other websites, before trying another practice test.

November 1-22, 2013

ESLA 1798 Accuplacer Prep: Online Course



  • Course starts: November 1
  • First test: Available November 2
  • Second test: Available November 9
  • Third test: Available November 16
  • Course ends: November 27

Meet the instructors:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register? Tell your teacher that you are interested in the course.
  2. How much does it cost? Nothing! It's completely free!
  3. What books do I need? None! All materials will be available for free, online!