It's a forming Tornado!!!

This is how tornadoes form. Made by Mateus yolo

How a tornado forms

Tornadoes are mostly formed in thunderstorms. The most dangerous tornadoes come from really strong storms are called supercells. supercells form when winds move in oppisite directions. If this happens the difference in wind speed and direction will create a horazontal spin in the lower atmosphere. The pictures below will show you how a tornado is made. info from brainpop

The finished Tornado!!!

When thunderstorms form warm humid air rises it's called a updraft. Then a dyagnale spinning tube of air turns in to a verticle tube this is called a mesocyclone. mesocyclone's can be 10 kilometers wide. When it spins it gets faster and fuels the storm. When the up- draft rises a downdraft pulls some of the rotation down. When it reaches the ground it is a tornado. The dust and debre gives it a dark color. The wind speed of the tornado depends on how wide it is.