Mrs. Belich's Classroom News

Dec. 7-11

Exciting Things Happening in our classroom!

Quiz in History on Friday--Vocabulary 2!

Spelling Quiz on Friday!

Math quiz on Wednesday--Identifying Improper and Mixed fractions

Math MAP testing for my Math class on Dec. 10 from 12:30-2:00

Dec. 22-- Half day dismissal changed to 11:00.

History Quiz on Friday

This quiz will cover the vocabulary 2 that was glued in our History IAN today!

Please note if your child doesn't pass this quiz, they join the Vocabulary Club and have to make corrections during Study Hall. It is very important that students know this vocabulary as they will see it on the Unit test on Friday Dec. 17.

Science Quiz on Wednesday

Students should study their Science IAN for a quiz on Wednesday, Lesson 5.
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Way to go 4th grade Chorus! Your performace last week was AWESOME!

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Thursday, Dec. 17th, 1:30pm

E 109 Fort Mill Elementary School

Students will be exhibiting their Expert Research Project for all to see. Come and enjoy watching your students come to life as they share what they have learned about an expert. Parents are more than welcome to come an enjoy our museum of Experts.

Please remember students will have to wear costume that represents their expert. This costume is due in class the day before. Dec. 16 at the latest. We are working on our research paper this week.