7th Grade ELA County-Wide PLC

Summary of Events with Ashante Everett

Group A

Attending ELA training has been enlightening to all who have attended. We learned a plethora of ideas and skills to be utilized in our classrooms. Our students are our most important priority and it is our duty and responsibility.

We learned to identify concepts that may prove to be more difficult for students, how to present quality Essential Questions and Lesson EQ's, and we also unpacked the first Embedded Assessment for Unit 2.

Thank you for your support!

7th Grade ELA Teachers

Group B

Important Things from Today:

1. How to write level 3 EQ's

2. Unpacked EA 1 from Unit 2

3. Skills needed for each activity in unit 2

4. Shared ideas w/other 7th grade teachers on how they are implementing Springboard Lessons

5. Spent time collaborating w/ other Special Education teachers on how they are co-teaching and what works and doesn't

6. Ways to implement technology, activating strategies, assessment prompts, and summarization

7. Time collaborating w/grade level teachers w/in our school

Group C

Which is required: daily Essential Questions or daily Learning Focus Statements?

We learned common planning is essential.

We used some helpful sites:

hook it


My Big Campus


We learned to unpack Embedded Assessments thoroughly, use collaborative strategies, technology that involves student use, and summarizing strategies.

Group D

We learned that Mr. Brown went to the very old Newton High School, and that Mr. Hasty will follow him anywhere.

Seriously, we worked on unpacking the next unit. We set a calendar for unit 2 with us finishing the embedded assessment 2a (on media) before we leave for Thanksgiving break, and embedded assessment 2b (editorial writing) before we leave for Christmas. This will put us more than a month ahead of where we were last year.

We learned about the online trivia creator www.getkahoot.com.

We also spent time exploring how to write meaningful essential questions, assessment prompts, summation activities, and activating strategies.

Finally, we looked at and discussed the new cut scores and thought about the implications of the changing standards.

7th grade LA department