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Claude Oscar Monet/ Ming Dynasty 1368-1644


Artist have been around for a long time, there wasn't always professional artist. Famous artist started coming along in the 1400's through the late 1900's. One of the most famous artists during that time was Claude Monet.

About Monet's Paintings.

Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840. Claude Monet was the creator of Impressionism. The term was given to his art that was "sketchy" and reminded people of wallpaper. Monet had a very rough start with selling his paintings. He finally sold his first drawing when he was only 15 years old. Claude was more of a person of nature. He did very little paintings including human figures in them. The Woman in the Green Dress was the first painting that was sold in recognition to Claude Monet's name. Monet seemed to do his painting in different shades of colors.

About Monet's Personal Life.

Of course as soon as Monet was old enough he got married to the love of his life. On June 28, 1870 he married Camille Doncieux. They actually married after Camille had already gave birth to her first son, Jean Armand Claude. Unfortunately in 1877 Camille pasted away. Monet was shocked by her death. He didn't always treat her in the best way. Some resourses say she died of cancer and others say its due to a bad abortion. He appeared to be in a relationship with Alice Hoschedé. Rumors about their relationship spread fast not long after Camille's death. Alice and Monet soon got married. Monet
Claude Oscar Monet 10 Facts You Didn't Know

Camille on Her Death Bed

While Camille was peacefully resting on her bed, Monet painted one last painting of his wife. He call this painting Camille on Her Death Bed.
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Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty Rise

During 1368-1644, in China, this time period was called the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty lasted 275 years total. During these 275 years there was 17 rulers total. Zhu Yuanshang was declared emperor in 1368. Zhu was the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty. During this time China expanded to the north and the south.


Early 1400's, exotic animals such ad Zebras, ostriches, and giraffes were brought to Peking. By the 16th century, China's economy was boosted by trade with various countries and nationalities. " Aside from its growing economy, China's arts, culture, and sciences also experienced burgeoning growth during the King rule" says Total history

Ming Dynasty Decline

During this time period, the emperor became repulsive and withdrew in the the inner sanctum of the place where regular officials wee declined. For 25 years he refused to meet his minister directly. Feuds broke out between members of the emperor family and the minister's family also placed China in shambles.