Pit bulls: Greatly Misunderstood

Interview with Cesar Millan

Does the breed Really Matter?

Absolutely not, dogs are dogs, "it doesn’t matter whether it’s a big dog or small dog or what breed it is," (Millan).

What is one of the most common things that happen and put fear into the public?

Every time there is a dog attack, it is advertised to the public, and often time, they news identifies the attacker as a pit bull when it is not. I think it is the public's lack of education about the breed that sparks their own fear.

What do you think hurts most when you hear the opinions people have about Pit bulls?

When I hear about how harshly the public talks about pit bulls, it only makes me think of my dogs. A little over four years ago, my dog Daddy died. I took him in and he just became part of the family. He was sweet and well tempered. He would let little dogs mess with him, and, "To my kids, Daddy was a buddy to play with, a pillow to lie on for comfort, and a patient friend who always understood them," (Millan). So absolutely, it hurts to hear these accusations made about the breed when you know it is just not the case.
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So where do you think the disconnect is? What is the problem at hand?

The problem is irresponsible people wanting to be pit bull owners. These people adopt this breed and intentionally try to turn them into vicious killers. it is really the same for any breed. German Shepherds are trained to be violent and if not taken care of they will attack. Small dogs tend to be more aggressive than bigger dogs. Golden Retrievers are very common biters. In my show, I train violent dogs to not be aggressive, and I do not just deal with pits. I deal with all different kinds of breeds, so one breed cannot be singled out.

What do you think your role is in society?

Definitely educate the public. I travel around the world with my pits to show their true nature because that is the only way for the public to lose their fear. If a little kid is afraid of the dark, the only way for them to get over their fear, is for them to face it and see that there is nothing to be afraid of. As far as people having fear towards pit bulls, the public has to interact with them so they can see they are naturally friendly dogs by nature.

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