Job Shadowing

By: Dai'Sha Dowson, Brandy Rodman, Meliza Torres

Business Description

The CP& f Company was started in a storefront on high st. in Cleveland in 1913 by Walter Priest . Its one of the largest wholesale floral distributors in the U.S.A. They import fresh flowers, foliages and plants daily all over the world. Currently they're celebrating their 101 years in business. The services offered are: branch management, sales, general office, accounting, bookkeeping, delivery and general labor.
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Employee Description

When I talked to Paul he said, that working at CP&F Company is a really busy job. You have to do a lot of multi-tasking and you have to have a lot of consistency so that you don't mess up the orders and you work with a bunch of seasonal produces.
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Cleveland Plant and Flower